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Maybe you have seen the awards that go around the blog-o-sphere before. They are a lot of fun. I know they were created to make friends, drive traffic to your blog and get your name out there. They don’t mean much to some people, but I think it is always a great honor when somebody says, hey I like your blog and this is how I want to show it to you. Recognition from one’s readers is always the best recognition one can get, right?

These are the awards my humble blog has received. Thank you my friends for thinking this blog deserves them. I might be doing something right…

Thank you Ivy, Andy and Elle.

Thank you Deeba.

Tahnk you Kelly.

Thank you again Deeba.

Thank you Nikki, Elle, Peter, Bren and Deeba.

Thank you Jen.

Thank you Ivy.

Thank you Nuria.

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