04 Apr

The Ice Cream Fair and Grilled Nopales


Grilled nopales

The picture above might not strike as an ice cream fair kind of picture. But there’s a story behind it, just wait for it. I’ve known of the annual ice cream fair in Tulyehualco (a rural town inside Mexico City) for years. Last year when I visited the Alegria and Olive fair in the same town I made a mental note to go back to this very famous ice cream fair.

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14 Mar

Wordless Wednesday – Chinampas


Last Saturday I went with a group of friends to a tour of las chinampas, floating gardens and farms, in Xochimilco. The tour is offered by De La Chinampa, a company that connects consumers with local producers in Xochimilco, and organized by Lesley Tellez. I will write about this incredible experience on my next article for Zomppa magazine. For now, enjoy the pictures.

March 20th, 2012 update: The Zomppa article is out. You can read it here.

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08 Mar

Pozole and Mexico City’s Best Kept Secret


Pozoleria Moctezuma

I believe there are foods that come embedded in our DNA because our ancestors have consumed them for thousands of years. You would recognize those foods even if you had never tried them before. Does it sound crazy? Maybe. But when I eat certain Mexican dishes it feels like I’m not only satisfying a physiological need, but that I’m being part of something bigger. That I’m part of a culinary ritual that started many generations ago and was carefully handed down to the cocineras (cooks) of today.

One of the dishes that makes me feel this way is pozole. For the past weeks I’ve been writing about Mexico’s most important crop, maize, and pozole is just the perfect dish to wrap up this journey. Pozole, from the Nahuatl potzolli which means foamy, is a soup or stew that was a ceremonial dish in pre-Hispanic Mexico. Pozole is made with nixtamalized cacahuazintle corn, a variety of corn with large, tough kernels.

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13 Feb

The Anatomy of Tacos


What comes to mind when you hear the word taco? Do you think of a hard shell tortilla filled with “taco seasoning” cooked meat, sour cream, lettuce and cheese? Please follow this link to read my article on zomppa.com about real Mexican tacos. I guarantee you will want to try some real tacos after you read it.

¡Buen provecho!

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Some of the pictures were taken on the Eat Mexico Taco Tour