Boiled Plantains with Brazilian Cream
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Brazilian
  • •2 plantains
  • •2 avocadoes
  • •1/3 cup rum
  • •1/3 cup limejuice
  • •3 TBSP confectioner’s sugar
  • •1 cup heavy cream, whipped
  • •ground cinnamon or fresh ground nutmeg
  1. **For the Plantains:
  2. To make plátanos sancochados (the way Cubans say it) you want to get an “in between” plantain that is more ripe than green. It can’t be black though. It can show some black speckles but it should be more yellow than anything. Cut into 2.5? pieces, boil (with peel on) and then peel… You can sprinkle nutmeg on this mildly sweet plátano or just eat as is.
  3. In medium sauce pan, boil water. With a paring knife, cut off ends of plantain, about ½?. Leaving skin on, cut into 2-3? chunks. Boil for about 20 minutes or until plantain gets bright yellow in center. Remove from boiling water. With the same knife, peel plantain and sprinkle nutmeg or sugar on top.
  4. **For the Cream:
  5. Peel and de-seed avocados (here’s a video on how to do this)
  6. Blend avocadoes, confectioner’s sugar, rum and limejuice to obtain a smooth mixture.
  7. Pour into a bowl and fold in the whipped cream.
  8. Serve with the plantains and enjoy!
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