Healthy Whole-Wheat Sandwich Bread
Recipe type: Bread
Cuisine: Any
Serves: Makes 2 Loaves
  • •2 cups warm water
  • •1 packet of dry active yeast or 2¼ tsp
  • •1 TBSP agave syrup or honey
  • •6 cups whole-wheat flour
  • •2 TBSP olive oil
  • •1 tsp salt
  • •6-8 tsps gluten
  • •2 large eggs
  • •1 cup rolled oats
  • •1/2 cup ground flexseed
  1. Mix syrup and warm water together. Add yeast and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  2. In the meantime mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Add water and mix well until all the ingredients are incorporated.
  4. Knead for 10 minutes by hand, or 3 minutes at low speed in a mixer and then 5 minutes at medium high speed.
  5. Transfer dough to a greased bowl, cover with plastic and let double in size in a warm place (about 50 minutes)
  6. Punch the dough in the middle and turn it over a lightly floured surface.
  7. Divide in 2 and, with a rolling pin, roll each half to form a long rectangle.
  8. Roll the dough tightly to form the loaves. Tuck the ends under the loaves and place them on rectangular bread pans. Cover with plastic and let them rise for 45 minutes in a warm place.
  9. Pre-heat oven to 350°F.
  10. With a sharp knife or razor make a long cut along the top of the loaf. Brush water all over the top with a pastry brush.
  11. Place a baking pan with about 100 ml of water at the bottom shelf of the oven.
  12. Place loaves in the top shelf and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. You know the bread is ready when the tops are golden brown and they sound hollow if you tap the loaves.
  13. Let them cool down on wire racks before enjoying.
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