Puff Pastry
Recipe type: Pastry
At the end of the video I mentioned that the dough needed to be folded and rolled at least six times. I don’t think that part came out right, for some reason the last chapters of the video disappeared. But yes, you need to fold and roll the dough two times and let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes until you complete the 6 folds. When that’s done you can storage it in the fridge inside a plastic container or bag for up to a week.
  • •1 lb 8 oz flour (6-7 cups)
  • •14 oz (400gr) lard or 16 oz (500gr) unsalted butter
  • •1 tsp salt
  • •½ lime
  • •1 ½ cups lukewarm water
  1. [youtube width="425" height="355"]http://youtube.com/watch?v=vtxqvvFf0-4[/youtube]
Recipe by What's Cooking, Mexico? at http://whatscookingmexico.com/2007/12/21/a-christmas-present/