Moving On Toward a New Adventure


When I started this blog I never imagined it would be so rewarding in so many ways. I learned a lot about food, I experimented with new ingredients and created some delicious recipes (others not so much), I learned about photography, food styling, composition, and lighting. But the most satisfying side was all the amazing people I met throughout this journey – there are too many to name here but you know who you are. You guys followed my food adventures when I started in my kitchen in Columbus, Ohio and when I moved to Mexico City to start a new culinary exploration.

This blog has given me many satisfactions. My current jobs at the Foodie BlogRoll and Culinary Backstreets were opportunities that arouse because of it. I worked hard on this blog and I was blessed and rewarded and that makes me oh so happy!

But it’s time to move on. I’ve neglected this blog for a very long time. I’ve written before that I did not lose my passion for food, but rather my interests have broaden and many times I find myself yearning to write about anything and everything. That’s why I’ve decided to pour my thoughts in a new venue that is not constrained to a single topic. I hope you guys follow me to my new home where I will still talk about food, but also about other topics that I find fascinating such as fitness, travel, photography, cats, US and Mexican history, cats, and maybe, in the near future I’ll start a video channel and a podcast. Sounds like an interesting project, right? Right? Please say yes.

I’ll see you at Ben H Beristain Blog!


  • hi, your link didn’t work, but I found the blog by sticking .com on the end of the address. 🙂

    • Thank you for letting me know, Lucy!

  • I’m in. Now following the new one! 🙂

  • It seems many of us have moved on … the 7 year itch? Good luck with all your endeavors.

  • I am so looking forward to your new adventure and going immediately to subscribe. Buena duerte Amigo!

  • Good luck on your new adventure. will visit your new blog

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