Happy New Year!

Ok, maybe it’s a little late for that, but I want to wish all my readers and followers (are there any left out there?) a prosperous and happy 2013. I’ve been busy doing other projects and haven’t had the time or energy to post anything in the last months. But I really want to change that. There’s so much food and great things in this city that I want to share here… I’m not making any promises or resolutions (I never got the whole resolution thing, anyway. You should try to be better everyday of the year, not only the first couple of weeks of January, right?). I’m just saying that I’ll try to get into the blogging mood again. I know I can make time, there’s always time for food sharing.


Also, this post got me thinking about blogging and my life in Mexico City. Photography is an art. Photographers share their view of the world through the lens of their cameras. However, sometimes I feel like food blogging has become this trendy, out-of-reach for normal people craft. I admire the beautiful work of bloggers and photographers, don’t get me wrong. But, like Ilva puts it, it feels like food blogging has become this rosy hue of life where everything is beautiful and nothing ever goes wrong. I know it’s not everybody, but food networks and food porn websites encourage that and sometimes it seems like if your food is not good enough for the cover of a magazine, then you’re not one of the cool kids.


Ilva says that living in the Tuscan countryside sets people’s expectations about a wonderful life. In my case, I believe it is the contrary. For many people, living in Mexico sets very low expectations about an ugly, dirty and poor place ridden with gang violence and beheadings. I’ve found that Mexico City is beautiful, safe and an amazing place to live. Yes, there’s the ugly, and the dirt, and the poverty, but it is all part of the life amd beauty of the city. Without the chaos and lawlessness there wouldn’t be street vendors that are so important for the life of the city. Their delicious creations wouldn’t exist, making the city dull and boring, tasteless.