Las Estacas, Morelos – A Photoset

I first visited Las Estacas about 18 years ago with some friends. We were four kids who ventured, all by ourselves, the one and a half bus ride out of the city to visit an exotic and unknown destination. The camping experience wasn’t all that good, we were unprepared and couldn’t even get a fire started, but the natural beauty of the river and park made up for all our shortcomings. Ever since that day I’ve been in love with this place, a little piece of paradise in the state of Morelos.

Las Estacas is a natural and ecological water park located in the municipality of Tlaltizapan, about 45 minutes from Cuernavaca and 1 1/2 hours from Mexico City. The Yautepec river springs here and it’s what makes this park very unique. The spring is around 10 meters deep and the water contains potassium, iron and calcium giving it that beautiful blue hue. The length of the river inside the park is around 1 km and you can swim in it upstream or downstream. Swim teams come here on the weekends to train. This weekend Jon and I went camping there and had an amazing time. Our friends Liz and Eric joined us on Saturday and they also fell in love with it. We decided that we need to visit it more often. And that’s what we’ll do. I already have a lot of camping gear and the place is very close to Mexico City.

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On our way back we stopped at Tepoztlan, a town in Morelos that has been denominated a mystical and magical town. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, just a couple of hours to have dinner, but this is a place that I will definitely visit again to research its cuisine and write about.

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Β‘Buen provecho!


  • Those are the memories you recall fondly, though, right? =) Looks like my kind of place to camp.

  • What a wonderful place! I love those night photos.



  • Water liles!!! It’s like a monet!

  • One day I will visit again and will make sure you are there for me to see all this beauty.

  • Wow. Impressive place. What a lovely setting for camping. And as for Tepotzlan…well, magical and strange…it is so true.

  • I think I was here too. Thanks for the memories..they are great. Travel is broadening..and so much fun.

  • Even though I was born in Mexico I’ve spent so little time there. So needles to say I’ve seen very little. I am really enjoying reading through all of your travel posts. It’s great to see the real Mexico and good info to keep in mind for my next visit. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Wow, what a beautiful place Ben…enjoy the pictures…so exotic!
    Thanks for sharing…and hope you are enjoying your week πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful place, Ben! And it seems that you had a lot of fun. I’d love to visit Morelos one day…gorgeous clicks πŸ™‚

  • We’re currently talking about take a trip somewhere for camping. Your photos just added another excitement and wish our kids would sleep outside (in tent)… LOL. Thank you for sharing – I had a fun time browsing your photos!

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