Wordless Wednesday – Ice Cream in Downtown Mexico City


  • Mmmhhh, I want to taste them!



  • i liked the green one…what flavor is it? yummy:)

    • Lime, it was delicious! The others were mamey and tres leches.

      • wow tres leches sounds yummm Ben:)

  • now this is my kind of post!

  • Ice cream is my favorite summer treat! Okay…it’s my favorite year-long treat.

  • This too is my kind of post!!

  • You gotta come to SMA so we can go to Dolores Hidalgo and sample the famous ice creams there. Lovely post. Makes me want to go out now for ice cream. When my son was little, there was a horse-drawn cart with goat’s milk ice cream in the best falvors in the town square on weekends. We never missed.

  • Lime and tres leches? Yes please…they look divine Ben!

  • Yum! I love that beautiful shade of green!

  • Yum! I would love to try them all!

  • Yum!! tres leches and lime. great pics!

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