A week in Puerto Vallarta – Pt 2

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Puerto Vallarta is much more than beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific ocean. Of course I fell in love with viejo Vallarta (old Vallarta), the original town where everything happens, and its beaches, food and people. But I also loved some of the activities we did this week. In a way, they were the highlight of this trip, especially the zip line and mountain bike tours.

The second day we were there we took a boat ride from the port. The first stop of the ride was at the rocks you see in the picture above to snorkel. However, the currents were so strong that day that the water was cloudy and we weren’t able to see anything. It was still very fun, though. Our next stop was an isolated beach that you can only get to by boat. The little village was the rural Mexico I barely know, but I love because of the contact I had with it when I used to visit my dad’s village.

From there we hiked to a beautiful waterfall where people could swim, dive or just relax. We headed back to the beach where we had lunch. I had the fried fish fillet that was so fresh that I could taste the ocean, literally. There’s something about eating fish in little Mexican villages where you know you’re truly eating the catch of the day.

On the way back people couldn’t resist dancing on the boat. After all, this is Mexico, throw people (even if they’re strangers), alcohol and music together and you will inevitably have a party EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But I’ll let the pictures tell you the whole story.

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My second favorite activity was the zip line tour through the mountains. They took us in a van from the Puerto Vallarta offices through a winding road with breathtaking views of the ocean on one side and majestic mountains on the other. In about 30 minutes we arrived at the location where we were outfitted and readied to fly from tree to tree, from mountain to mountain, over rivers and lakes, on 14 zip lines, some as long as a quarter mile and over 330 feet high. AWESOME doesn’t convey how I feel about this experience. But the best part of this experience was the guides. They were so cool, funny and handsome that I will go back just for them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me because I wasn’t sure if I could carry it on the zip lines, but I took some low quality pictures with my phone. I highly recommend Los veranos canopy tours. You’ll have the time of your life!

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We also have a great meal and delicious margaritas there after our flying adventure:

The boat ride and zip line were great experiences. However, the highlight of the whole trip for me was the mounting bike trip we took on Friday with Eco Ride. We were told to take the easiest route because they were all very difficult. Even though I hadn’t been on a mountain bike for at least 15 years, I didn’t find that route as challenging as I was expecting. Oh, it was hard, don’t get me wrong. But I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to finish the 20 km round trip to the mountain. But I did very well and I’m ready to go back and try a harder route.

Our destination in the mountains was a little farm with a river and a waterfall where we cooled down from our ride. They also have a restaurant where we had lunch before heading back to town. As I said, this was the best experience of my trip and, once again, I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story:

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But not only the beaches, ocean, mountains and rivers were a great experience. The town itself, its food and its people made this a great experience. They are the reason I want to move there now. On Thursday night we walked on the streets in the center of town because there was a fair for some religious celebration. There were people from all over the world eating, walking and just mingling.

Right in front of the church they had placed a castillo (castle) which is a wooden structure with fireworks that is lit at 11 pm at every Mexican celebration in small towns all over the country. I had seen only one of this castles when I was a kid at my dad’s village. So we stuck around until it was time for the show. I’m not religious, but this part of any religious celebration is so cool! Watch the finale in the video below. It was so exciting!

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What a week! And again, the food we had was so good. One of the highlights in food was the quesadilla place we found one day when we were looking for something to eat for breakfast. I had a sope that had cheese instead of refried beans and was topped with beef, lettuce and cooked beans… It’s been the weirdest sope I’ve eaten but one of the most delicious! Stay tuned for the next post of this great vacation.

¡Buen provecho!


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