Market Monday – Mercado Jamaica

Most markets in Mexico offer the same products to their visitors, fruits and vegetables, meat, grains, dairy products, etc. However, there are few markets that are known for one specific thing. One of this markets is Mercado de Jamaica to the southeast of downtown. Even though this market offers all the above products, most people go to that market to buy flowers. This market is the biggest whole sale market for flowers in the city and most people who sell flowers at other markets or stores buy them here.

Mexicans love flowers. Our weather is so amazing that we always have one kind or another growing in the fields. You just have to visit any market in the city to see this. And if you go to Xochimilco (flower field in Nahuatl) or Cuemanco you’ll see this love for flowers multiplied. After Xochimilco market, I think this has become my second favorite market in the city. Getting there takes me about 15 minutes by subway, it’s not as close as my neighborhood market, but the trip is worth it for the food and flowers. This is a place you definitely have to visit when in Mexico City.

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  • An awesome place! I love the fresh sausages and moles.



  • Who doesn’t love flowers? That Elmo is awesome!!

  • Flowers definitely don’t make as big or as colorful of an appearance here in the northeast, which is so sad! Those are gorgeous!

  • I do love markets too! Me encantan las fotos, Ben :D.
    I have to remember to go to this special market when I visit Mexico… before I die ;D
    Un beso.

  • if i went there i’m sure all the flowers and all are stunning but all i really want is the street food! oh yeah!

  • We have farmers markets, but they can’t compete with mercados. I miss mercado shopping. And the flowers…oh my!!! So beautiful! I bet its so fragrant in there. Beautiful 😉

  • Ooooohhhh…I love to go to markets with you. And this one certainly did not disappoint. Love those sunflowers.

  • Beautiful sun flower already! Lots of flower stands and yummy food stand. I’d be happy here. =D

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