Baked Figs in Rompope Sauce

It has been a while since the last time I’ve posted a dessert on this blog. I really don’t know what happened. I still love sweets and desserts. As a matter of fact I act like a little kid every time I hear the ice cream truck (it’s more like a converted VW bug, I’ll  take a picture of it soon) from my favorite heladeria, cremeria chalco, that comes to our neighborhood every Tuesday. Also, every week when we go shopping to our local tianguis, I never fail to buy gorditas, galletas and tostadas de nata (cream paddies, cookeis and tostadas). So why haven’t I been making more sweet goodies?

I guess I got spoiled in Mexico City. Food down here can be SO GOOD and so inexpensive that many times I prefer going out to buy something than making it at home. I’ve been trying to show that side of Mexico on this blog for several months now. Remember these pictures of our local market?:




How can you say no to that? Anyway, I made the resolution to cook more at home and post at least one recipe a week on this blog a few months ago. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes when I’m tired or have a lot of work I just want to pick up the phone and order tortas (sandwiches) for lunch. Or after the gym I want to stop at one of my favorite taquerias in the city and not have to worry about cooking. But a promise is a promise and now, more than ever, I’m committed to share with you the great flavors of Mexico from my kitchen to yours. Sounds kind of heroic, doesn’t it?


Every great recipe starts with a great ingredient. They are always something simple, yet delicious. This recipe starts with one ingredient that I’ve overlooked way too long. My parents have a fig tree in the back yard that has been producing these little guys ever since I can remember. Sometimes, they were so many of them that we didn’t even bother to pick them anymore. We left them for the birds to feast on them while we enjoy the sweet fruits from the peach tree. Yes I know, I was so spoiled!


Then, to continue with our recipe story (wait a minute, was this a story? I promise we’re almost to the end of it) when you add a second ingredient that is as good as the first one and mix them with sugar and butter… Well I don’t have to tell you what the result is. I’m sure your mouth is already watering.


Baked Figs in Rompope Sauce
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Mexican
  • The ingredients:
  • •250 gr figs, cut in half
  • •3 TBSP butter, diced
  • •1/4 brown sugar
  • •1/2 cup rompope
  • •1/4 cup honey
  1. The how-to:
  2. Grease a baking pan or sheet with a little bit of butter and arrange the figs in a single layer.
  3. Add the diced butter and brown sugar on top.
  4. Baked at 175°C (around 350°F) for 20 minutes.
  5. In the meantime, in a small saucepan heat rompope and honey over low heat. Stir constantly until it blends and starts to boil.
  6. Serve figs on small plates and drizzle with rompope sauce.


Figs in rompope sauce

¡Buen provecho!


  • What a refined dessert! I love that sauce.

    And that flan is just awesome.



  • Thanks for sharing this dessert with us ben. The photos from the market have me drooling. My toast for breakfast will not do it for me.

  • How’d ya guess. Yup, drooling. I need a bottle of this!

  • I didn’t know what rompope was so I followed your link (thanks). Sounds wonderful and you created a beautiful dessert.

  • You are a talented person to come up with a recipe like this one. I’m so happy you decided to share it with the world. 😀

  • My parents have a fig tree also but it is NOT that prolific! This dessert sounds fabulous. I’m glad you’re back on the sweet-making bandwagon!

  • What an easy way to use rompope. And I love the idea of rompope atole (never had it, but will try it soon). I love figs and rompope as well–this is a dessert made for me!

  • ben my darling
    you need a cookbook!
    i wonder if that sauce is rompope is around here? lol
    happy weekend to you!

  • I love desserts and are glad you are sharing with us. Never heard of Rompope before. Happy Easter!

  • Great, simple dessert! This is just the thing you want to eat when you’re not in the mood to make a dessert. They’d also be yummy with a few salted, crushed pepitas for crunch. You will hopefully ease back into a rhythm of blogging, but you deserve to enjoy delicious food made by others as well!

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