Wordless Wednesday — By Ben on 28 March 2012
Wordless Wednesday – Seafood Quesadillas

This is part of the Eat Mexico Mezcal Tour

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grew up around food. His family owned a restaurant in Mexico City and he spent a big deal of his childhood helping and learning after school the art of creating delicious dishes from simple ingredients. He created this blog to share his kitchen adventures with the world.

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  1. Not wordless–I want words! What’s in these? Are they crispy? They look crispy. They look fabulous. I’d have those right now, even for breakfast.

    • They’re blue crab fried quesadillas (without cheese) and yes, they’re very crispy. They are served with cilantro, onion and avocado. Salsa is optional :)

      • Oh my word. I have to recreate these–what a craving!

  2. I am indeed without words Ben.

  3. Scrumptious! Can I have one please?! ;-P



  4. scratch & sniff!
    and what Bellini said!
    you are evil Ben

  5. Gorgeous photo! Definitely making me hungry for tacos. :)

  6. Not being able to grab one and take a bite = not fair.

  7. Dreaming of this right now. Gorgeous picture!

  8. One word is actually needed, Ben: Yum.

  9. Love your photos Ben! Never thought of seafood quesadillas. I want to try one now.

  10. Oh boy I can just imagine the taste of the blue crabs and the crispiness of the tortilla…thank God no cheese…not too keen on cheese and seafood…

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