Wordless Wednesday – Seafood Quesadillas


  • Not wordless–I want words! What’s in these? Are they crispy? They look crispy. They look fabulous. I’d have those right now, even for breakfast.

    • They’re blue crab fried quesadillas (without cheese) and yes, they’re very crispy. They are served with cilantro, onion and avocado. Salsa is optional 🙂

      • Oh my word. I have to recreate these–what a craving!

  • I am indeed without words Ben.

  • Scrumptious! Can I have one please?! ;-P



  • scratch & sniff!
    and what Bellini said!
    you are evil Ben

  • Gorgeous photo! Definitely making me hungry for tacos. 🙂

  • Not being able to grab one and take a bite = not fair.

  • Dreaming of this right now. Gorgeous picture!

  • One word is actually needed, Ben: Yum.

  • Love your photos Ben! Never thought of seafood quesadillas. I want to try one now.

  • Oh boy I can just imagine the taste of the blue crabs and the crispiness of the tortilla…thank God no cheese…not too keen on cheese and seafood…

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