Wordless Wednesday — By Ben on 15 February 2012
Wordless Wednesday – Pasteleria Ideal

Pasteleria La Ideal

Pasteleria La Ideal

Pasteleria La Ideal

Av. 16 de Septiembre 18
Col. Centro
C.P. 06000
México D.F.

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(11) Readers Comments

  1. What a great pastry shop! Wow, I’d be affraid to get any close to those wedding cakes… ;-P



  2. Whoa, those are some big cakes!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Makes me wish I could visit such a beautiful pastry shop!

  4. What a bakery! I can’t imagine putting a wedding cake like those together. Love the photos, Ben.

  5. This is my kind of pastry shop Ben!

  6. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake that tall! Wow!

  7. Caramba! Those are the sweetest skyscrapers ever!!! One may feel like Alice in Wonderland there!

  8. Empire State building move over…Ay Caramba is right!

  9. As always…fantastic photos. Makes me want to get on a plane and be there already!

  10. Oh my gosh those cakes!!!

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