News — By Ben on 13 February 2012
The Anatomy of Tacos

What comes to mind when you hear the word taco? Do you think of a hard shell tortilla filled with “taco seasoning” cooked meat, sour cream, lettuce and cheese? Please follow this link to read my article on about real Mexican tacos. I guarantee you will want to try some real tacos after you read it.

¡Buen provecho!

Some of the pictures were taken on the Eat Mexico Taco Tour

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  1. Oh, yummy!



  2. Oh yes, I SO want tacos now. Off to check out the link and feed my craving!

  3. real food, real taco.
    yes please ben.
    heading over to the link now……

  4. Thanks for the valuable info Ben.
    Happy Valentine’s day amigo!!!!

  5. I got to confess I do think about those hard shelled taco’s. Would love to try the real thing though!

  6. Would love to learn more about tacos. Heading over..

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