Super Bowl Snack Ideas

The internet is buzzing with something called the “Super Bowl” so I needed to find out what it was and get in the game! Hehe. I used to follow football when I was younger, at least I knew when the Super Bowl was and what teams were playing. But for the last several years I haven’t been as excited about it. However, I’ve been seing all the amazing food ideas that are flying around the Foodie Blog-o-sphere and I didn’t want to be left out. Here I present to you my 15 snack ideas for the Super Bowl. GO GIANTS!

  1. Chorizo and chipotle refried beans
  2. Salpicon tostadas
  3. Chicken sopes with guacamole
  4. Mexican bruscheta
  5. Quesadillas Potosinas
  6. Fish tacos with mango salsa (or just the salsa)
  7. Chicharron salad/salsa
  8. Tilapia tostadas
  9. Mini molletes
  10. Ensalada nochebuena (healthy option)
  11. Avocado dip
  12. Stuffed Onions
  13. Avocado salad (healthy option)
  14. Bean salsa in mini tortilla cups
  15. Mango guacamole (my personal favorite)

Happy Super Bowl Weekend and Buen Provecho!


  • What a fabulous collection of recipes!



  • Scrumptious idea Ben! I wish I can serve all of this, my son and my husband will be dancing for sure;).

  • I think I’d prefer to just hang out with you, and all this food, and NOT watch the game.

  • Ben..this is superb!!What a great Super Bowl meal presentation!!and every dish has avocado!!This is a brilliant piece..I love the plate with the star shape amonng the food!!!Ben you are the winner here!!I hope we win!!

  • I don’t watch the superbowl either (I don’t even think I could watch it even if I wanted to, well maybe on the internet) but having all those gorgeous snacks would be a good enough reason to start watching the superbowl!

  • No clue about what the superbowl is either, but I’m starting to get interested, because of all these recipes appearing everywhere. In the UK we are going to get the Olimpics this summer, and I’m quite sure I’ll whip up some of these ideas.

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