Market Monday – Sullivan Tianguis a Photoset

I have mentioned before that the best place to buy food in Mexico is your local tianguis (street market) and mercado (market). I’m very lucky that my neighborhood has one of each. I’ve written about Mercado San Cosme, my local market, where I do most of my shopping. However, there’s also a great tianguis where I just recently started shopping for produce. This tianguis sets up very early every Sunday morning three blocks from my house along Sullivan Avenue.

In Mexico the most mundane of activities, food shopping for example, can be a great experience and adventure. You just have to open your senses to take in all the colors, sounds, tastes and aromas of a Mexican market. There’s not much more I can say about these markets so I’ll let my pictures tell you the rest of the story.

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¡Buen provecho!


  • What a fabulous market! A place I’d love to visit.



  • Love these photos! Who wouldn’t want to go?

  • I am eternally jealous of those markets!

  • Hi Ben..I love mercados..I remember being in one in Morelia that sold more than 10 different moles..wish I was there is a cold morning here in NYC.

  • Nice photos, Ben. Habas???? We don’t have them here in San Miguel yet. Yum. And cemitas Poblanos? Lucky you. With pápalo? Yum, yum…

  • Markets are the best place to find what is local and in season. Sounds wonderful ben.

  • I would love to visit a market place in Mexico and discover all the unknown products we do not have in Europe.

  • Gorgeous photos Ben! You are so lucky to have a nearby mercado. Yes, slightly jealous! LOL!

  • I love how bright everything is. Whenever I travel, I try to visit a local market.

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