Wordless Wednesday – Grasshoppers


  • I wonder how they taste! Intriguing…



  • I tried it when I was in Oaxaca but I think they were ground up. I don’t think I could do it whole.

  • Whoa! Wanna try – you make everything look good!

  • I’m not sure I could actually do that….the crunch would get to me. Kudos to you, though!

  • I had them covered in chocolate and anything covered with chocolate is good!

  • I’ve eaten grasshopper tacos in Oaxaca and really enjoyed them. I did balk at the live, squiggling grubs that were thrust at me in the market though. I like the look of them atop the guacamole.

  • You even make an insect look good Ben!!!

  • Whoa! I eat snails but I don’t think I could eat grasshoppers. I was so afraid of them when I was a kid and will still ran for miles if I see one :) Is that guacamole on the tacos? Happy holidays!

  • O lol… you make even grasshoppers look good Ben! I’ve had them in Thailand once and well, they were pretty salty so I think they would go well on these taco’s. I did have a bit of an issues with the tiny legs getting stuck between my teeth.. :)

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