The Future of What’s Cooking

It’s been more than a year since I moved back to Mexico City. One of my main goals was to learn and write about the food of this great country. However, different circumstances haven’t made it easy. I’ve realized my average posting has gone down instead of up.

Last month I announced I wanted to take this blog in a different direction to change that. After a lot of thought I finally decided what I wanted to do with it. For the past 4 years it has been mostly a recipe and cooking blog. I love cooking, learning about new cuisines and trying new ingredients and I’ve had a blast doing it for this blog.

However, I want the main topic of this blog to be about Mexican cuisine and Mexico in general. I want this space to be a window into the amazing food this city and country offer and how that links to every aspect of Mexican life.

I won’t stop cooking, experimenting with food and posting about it, though. I will still try to post 3 to 4 recipes a month. But most of the new content will be about markets, food, towns, traditions and experiences in Mexico.  The home page shows the topics or categories I will be writing about.

But that’s not all. Jon will be contributing to this blog in a regular basis. He’ll share his experiences with food and life in general as an expat in Mexico City. He will also be an editor, travel companion, guinea pig and everything in between to help bring better content to the readers and visitors of this blog.

Why the change?

I guess I can summarize this with a comment I heard from an American visitor last week while I was taking a taco tour with Lesley Tellez. This lady from New York had been in Mexico City for less than a day and she said she was very surprised with the city. I asked her if it was a good or bad surprise. She said it was a very pleasant surprise. Before visiting she had a long list of myths about Mexico that she had been crossing out. She also said she wished her stay was longer because she was not going to be able to do and see everything she now wanted to.

Mexico in general has had some very bad press from the news organizations lately. But that’s not the only problem. Mexico City doesn’t get enough press, good or bad. Every visitor I’ve had from the U.S. during the last year has been impressed at how much this city of 8 million people has to offer in terms of food and culture.

I’m the first one to admit the country faces great challenges and that many things in the city need to change to make it a first class city. However, I’m very proud of what we have, our food, history and people. I want the world to know this is a great place to visit and this is a paradise for foodies and photographers.

This space will show you the other Mexico you don’t hear about on the news, the Mexico with the delicious food, breathtaking landscapes and friendly people.

Welcome to our adventures in Mexico!



  • Exciting times! I’m looking forward to it!

  • Me parece excelente el nuevo enfoque del blog!! muchas felicidades y lo seguiremos de cerca y también promoviendo en las redes sociales!! :)

    • Gracias Adriana! :)

  • I am so excited for you both Ben. I look forward to reading your posts since someday I hope to travel to Mexico city. Aas you know I have had my eye on a cooking school in the mountains outside of the city.

  • Exciting! We can’t wait to hear more…and welcome, Jon! Great to have your perspective as well!

  • FABULOUS! I can’t wait to check in – I’ve had so much fun watching your videos, I think it’s the perfect fit.

  • That is so great! looking forward to your future posts.

    A lovely shot of you two!



  • I’m so excited to see and hear all the new (and old) stuff the both of you will be introducig to us, Glad you’ll still be posting recipes too! This is where I come for my Mexican! :)

  • What an exciting new reinvention of your already excellent blog, Ben. As a 24-year resident of Mexico, I particularly appreciate the new twist to your approach. Mexico gets such bad press coverage, I always applaud seeing it put in a much-deserved positive light. Congratulations for this brave new adventure–and welcome aboard to Jon. I look forward to future postings–as I always have with your blog.

  • Looking forward to it, Ben. I like the direction you’re taking and I’m happy for you that Jon has joined you in MC and on the blog. Good luck!

  • Great news! We just moved here ourselves from Canada and are exploring this city and it’s cuisine. Already we have found your site useful. AND, we LOVE Mexico CIty. LOVE IT!!!! I will be checking your site regularly!

    • Welcome to Mexico!

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