Market Monday – Mercado Del Valle


I’ve written about some markets I’ve visited in Mexico (as you might recall I love Mexican markets). Some of my favorites are Xochimilco, Tulyehualco, Central de abasto and Cholula. However, I haven’t written about my local market that I visit at least 2 times a week. When I moved to this neighborhood almost two months ago the first thing I did was look for the market. It was great to find out that it was only two blocks from my house. But I was even happier to find out that the vendors were so nice and helpful. The lady from the produce stand I visited was so nice that I decided I was going to buy all my produce there from that moment on. Unfortunately, she was sick and wasn’t there to take her picture. I would’ve loved to make her “famous” on this blog.




When I asked where the meat vendors section was she kindly gave me directions and recommended a couple of butchers where I could buy my meat. They were also very nice and helpful and I buy chicken and beef from this stands only. They now recognize me and kindly let me take their pictures for this blog:





The produce lady offered me a service where I can order anything I want from the market by phone and it would get delivered to my house the same day. Why would I like that? Going to the market is one of the highlights of my week. It gets me out of the house. I get to walk a little bit and talk to all these nice people at my local market, one of the best things of Mexico! (BTW, I didn’t take pictures of the guys who sell me the plants and the groceries) Anyway, I wanted to share with you all the place where I do most of my food shopping, Mercado Lazaro Cardenas a.k.a. Mercado Del Valle.



¡Buen provecho!


  • A beautiful market!



  • Nice fruits, as I said I love markets. Thanks for share these beautiful images

  • gorgeous photos! I agree with Rosa!

  • I wish I was visiting this market!

  • Thanks for sharing this exciting place with us Ben!

  • I love going grocery shopping! I can't imagine wanting to have your food delivered when you get to see all that beauty firsthand!

  • As always, you make me wish I were there!

  • I know what you mean about liking to go to the market. That's the reason we quit our CSA and go to the farmers market every week.

  • El mercado del valle, looks very nice! I love the zapotes. Thanks fr sharing these great pics 🙂

  • Gorgeous market! And even better that there are such nice and helpful people there too =)

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