Wordless Wednesday — By Ben on 22 June 2011
Wordless Wednesday – Octopus Tostada

Octopus Tostada

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  1. Mmmhhh, I want one of them babies!



  2. I´ll take two of the them, with plenty of salsa habanero and a nice cold cerveza ;)

  3. I've never been so attracted to octopus before!

  4. Got my name written all over it.

  5. Makes my mouth water!

  6. The toppings are so pretty! I want to make tostadas now.

  7. Never had octopus like that but it looks god

  8. That tostada is just beautiful! Almost too gorgeous to eat =)

  9. I love octopus in a salad, now I have to try it in a tostada!

  10. what a gorgeous photo ben.
    and this is how a tostada should be: FILLED with stuff!

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