Wordless Wednesday — By Ben on 09 March 2011
Wordless Wednesday: Tacos de Cabeza

Wordless Wednesday

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grew up around food. His family owned a restaurant in Mexico City and he spent a big deal of his childhood helping and learning after school the art of creating delicious dishes from simple ingredients. He created this blog to share his kitchen adventures with the world.

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  1. LOL!



  2. Now that's a photo!

  3. oooo, hmm, odo you eat those? I was in Lithuania once and the local delicacy there is pig ears. So I figured I should give it a try. It didn't look to scary but I really did not like it. It's like eating cartilage (which I guess it sort of is) and really not my cup of tea!

  4. oink! You see what I mean by you are the luckiest person?

  5. Wow. Now did you eat these? And if so. How did they taste?

  6. LOL! This little piggy went to market and never made it back home.

  7. I have no words Ben….except great picture…..

  8. You'll find food like this in Greece but not my kind of food :)

  9. Those food can be found in China too….a bit scary looking at them.

  10. LOL I might faint if I saw these in real life. It's funny how detached the American culture has become to the fact that meat comes from animals haha. I took some friends to a Chinese restaurant with whole ducks hanging up in the front and even the meat-eaters were freaked out. I've only eaten seafood for over a decade so I have slightly more of an excuse 8).

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