• LOL!



  • Now that's a photo!

  • oooo, hmm, odo you eat those? I was in Lithuania once and the local delicacy there is pig ears. So I figured I should give it a try. It didn't look to scary but I really did not like it. It's like eating cartilage (which I guess it sort of is) and really not my cup of tea!

  • oink! You see what I mean by you are the luckiest person?

  • Wow. Now did you eat these? And if so. How did they taste?

  • LOL! This little piggy went to market and never made it back home.

  • I have no words Ben….except great picture…..

  • You'll find food like this in Greece but not my kind of food :)

  • Those food can be found in China too….a bit scary looking at them.

  • LOL I might faint if I saw these in real life. It's funny how detached the American culture has become to the fact that meat comes from animals haha. I took some friends to a Chinese restaurant with whole ducks hanging up in the front and even the meat-eaters were freaked out. I've only eaten seafood for over a decade so I have slightly more of an excuse 8).

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