The best thing I ever ate…

…recently, that is. My good friend Val of more than burnt toast is challenging us to post the best dish we created, recreated or tried in 2010. Now that’s a difficult challenge because 2010 was a great food year for me. I didn’t post as many recipes on this blog as I did in 2009, but this is the year that I came back to Mexico and started a new and exciting culinary adventure. I went through my food records of 2010 and these are some of the best things I ate this past year, at the end of the post I’ll tell you which one was my favorite:

Butternut squash and chorizo soup

Lamb burgers with mango chipotle sauce

Honey adobo roasted chicken

Avocado bread

Poblano lasagna rolls

Cecina tacos with nopales salsa

White Mexican Lasagna

Quesadillas potosinas

Tostadas Coyoacan

Spiced pumpkin pie

Meatballs in poblano sauce

These are just the best of the best foods I ate last year. It was very, VERY difficult to choose the best of the best, but at the end, and considering everything, the following dish was the best thing I ever ate recently, and probably the best I’ve ever had. Drum rolls please…

My mom’s Chiles en Nogada, recipe here.

Val will be accepting entries until February 15th, so you have more than enough time to look into your records, or recreate the best thing you ever ate… recently. You can see more details here.

¡Buen provecho!


  • OMG, I am drooling now! Everything looks out of this world.



  • Every single one of these dishes appeals to me Bem. I can see that you would a tough decision but your moms Chiles are a sure fire winner. Thank you so much for participating in thsi event!!!

  • Ben, your retrospective made me realize just how awesome your photography is, beautiful presentations, and of course the cooking. Outstanding!

  • You've eaten so many delicious things this year Ben. I am quite jealous 😛

  • How could you possibly decide between all that wonderful food?!

  • I agree with Joan…how could you even decide with all those beauties!?

  • Your pictures actually make my mouth water. I agree with the other comments…how will you ever choose?

  • yup, anyone of those could be the best

  • ¡¡Espectacular!! Con un colorido impresionante y un sabor único.


  • Chilies in the white sauce look like something I recently had at a Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles, but I ordered by pointing and can't remember the name. Yum! GREG

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