Wordless Wednesday: Blowfish at Mercado San Juan


  • Wow, I don't know how I would cook that! Have you cooked this before?

    • No Lisa, never cooked it before. I saw it yesterday at the market and was curious how I could cook it if I decide to buy one next week.

  • This definitely is a beautiful fish! I'd be interested to find out how one cooks this if you ever get a chance! =)

  • Beautiful!



  • Cool picture, Ben!

  • I don't think I've ever seen a blowfish before! No idea how to cook it. But I would love to see you try!

  • I've never seen these in the markets in Mexico (though I don't live close to the sea), nor on menus. Do you know how they are prepared here in Mexico, Ben? Are they the same "dangerous to eat" variety as are found in Japan? Very interesting indeed. Did the vendor mention anything about it?

    • I had never seen them in Mexico before, either. This was at mercado San Juan where you can find many exotic ingredients. The vendor said it wasn't dangerous to eat, that it was only a myth. I don't know how to prepare it and I was hoping somebody would give me a tip. I guess I'll have to look online and see if they still have them next time I go to that amazing place.

  • Great photo Ben. The fish looks a bit diabolical. I have never seen a blowfish before. Happy New Year too!

  • Awesome photo

  • That is greatness! Did you get it and prepare it?

  • I cannot wait to see what you do with it when you do buy it. It is a beautiful fish and you took a beautiful picture.

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