Amaranth and Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate and amaranth

I’ve seen it everywhere in Mexico. We eat it as a cereal. We make sweet bars with it called “alegrias” (joy) and even use it for moles and other sauces and drinks. But I never really stopped to think about it. For the longest time I even thought amaranth seeds and sesame seeds were the same. Oh how mistaken I was!

Amaranth is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs with approximately 60 species recognized around the world. In Asia, Africa and the Americas it is used as leaf vegetables, cereals and ornaments. One of the great things about amaranth is that it has the potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable land care.

However, the best thing about amaranth seeds is that they are delicious. Especially when they are made into sweet treats like these no-bake cookies that my mom prepared last week. They are perfect to give away for Christmas. People will be intrigued and delighted with them.

I do not have the recipe for them right now, but they are very easy to make. All you need is amaranth seeds and chocolate chips. Melt the chocolate chips and start mixing it with the amaranth seeds, just enough to make them stick together. If you add too much it will get too hard when it dries up. Use a cookie cutter to give them the form you want and viola, no bake amaranth and chocolate cookies for your friends and family.

I’ll ask my mom for the recipe and if you want it leave a message so I can send it to you.

Chocolate and amaranth

¡Buen provecho!


  • Ben, you eat really well. The food here – even the desserts – is so consistently outstanding that it's starting to make me a little jealous …

    • Hehe thanks! But this is in part thanks to my mom. She's the real inspiration here 🙂

  • These look great! Perfect for when your oven is otherwise occupied 🙂

  • What an interesting cookie!! I've never seen anything like it. I can imagine they have a delicious crunch!

  • Recipe please, looks yummy!

  • You really need to pop the amaranth for the delicious Alegrias! Pop the 1 table spoon of amaranth at a time. Cover the hot (heat pan up fir 3,4 minutes) pan with a lid and keep moving back and forth to prevent burning. When you hear the popping stop. Pour into bowl and repeat. It only takes seconds! Some amaranth will nit pop and will turn brown and toasted, it is fine and tasty too. I tried to make Alegrias without doing this and it was not good! Good luck!

  • Hola,
    Podrias compartir tu receta conmigo??? I would love to try this. Every time I go to Mexico we bring back a lot of choco amaranto… did not know it was easy to make.

  • There’s a wonderful nonprofit in Oaxaca called Puente a la Salud Comunitaria ( that works with Oaxacans to introduce amaranth as a source of nutrition and economic empowerment. I became addicted to alegrias during my time in Oaxaca and I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  • I live outside Guadalajara and used to be able to buy chocolate amaranth bars at Soriana. Haven’t found them in quite a while so just bought a bag of amaranth at the store and have spent the afternoon googling amaranth and chocolate. I’d love the recipe as the bars were similar to the alegrias. Thanks

  • hi from japan ! I was recently introduced to amaranth and made toublie with this which is completely new ingredients to me. i loved it! i was looking for a new recipe. I WOULD LOVE THE RECIPE!!! Please send me one 🙂
    Thank you!!!

  • I would love the recipe! Thank you!

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