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Thanksgiving in Mexico

A couple of weeks ago I thought I wasn’t going to do anything for Thanksgiving and that I was going to be depressed because this would be the first time in many years that I would be away from my family and friends in Ohio. But fortunately, I’ve been meeting some amazing people in Mexico that changed that perspective. Some weeks ago I met Nicholas Gilman who writes the blog Good Food in Mexico City and who is the author of the book with the same name. He had a tapas dinner party at his place where I met a lot more interesting people like his partner Jim Jonhston, Steven McCutcheon, Michael Parkers and Ruth Alegria among many others.

On Thanksgiving my friend Marco took me to a restaurant in the Marriot Hotel Reforma, where they were serving a Thanksgiving menu. The food wasn’t the classical Thanksgiving dinner I’m used to, but it was good. They didn’t get some things right, like instead of cranberry sauce they served the turkey with blackberry sauce, but I did get to spend the evening with an amazing friend and not just sitting at home being miserable.

Ruth, a lovely person and amazing chef, invited me to her after-giving-thanks dinner that she hosted at her place on Friday. It was an unforgettable evening and I had the opportunity to meet more people like the very talented June Jacobs, who cooked with Julia Child, Rachel Laudan, a historian who writes about food history, Nicté Bustamante, a very talented Mexican columnist and Jorge Silva, who runs a very nice bead and breakfast in Mexico City, among many others. There’s a lot I could say about this great evening, but as usual, I am better at expressing myself through the lens of my camera so I’ll let it tell you the story:

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico CRW_0216

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico Thanksgiving in Mexico Thanksgiving in Mexico

¡Thank you Ruth and buen provecho!

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  1. This looks like the Thanksgiving dinner of a lifetime — what a great experience!

  2. A fabulous feast! The food looks so scrumptious. Glad to know you were in good company.



  3. Yay! I'm so glad that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving in some way and among such great company! Looks like a fun night.

  4. I think there must be something special about celebrating an American holiday with other ex-pats, a little taste of home. I thought you'd think it was funny that we actually had cranberry salsa with our turkey.

  5. What a lovely Thanksgiving and after party. You do express yourself very well and also through your lens. I am here in New York and missing NY food boggers. I would also like to share with others, but I find it so difficult. I love Mexico so much. I spent many wonderful times there. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you can send me a good mole sauce recipe.

  6. Looks fabulous! An American/Mexican Thanksgiving Feast is the best of both worlds. Glad to hear you had great friends to enjoy it with!

  7. Love the photos, the food look delicious. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving surrounded by good friends and great cooks.

    Feliz Tarde :)

  8. Ben!!!! I live in Mexico and you are making my mouth water! Are those pepitas in the guacamole? What a great idea! If you ever want to visit San Miguel de Allende, please let me know so I can show you around to all the best food spots! I'll even include my son's favorite puesto with Tacos de Cabeza!


  9. I agree with Lydia – what an amazing experience! Sometimes friends family away from home is just as good as the real thing.
    Love your pictures!

  10. Wow it looks like you had a fabulous time there!!! I am going back to Mexico City next week for 2 weeks!! I am so excited! Will eat all the amazing food that I can't find here!

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