Are you ready for summer?

Fruit Salad

It is in the air. The cold weather is finally gone (hopefully). There’s a big expectation in the air and, most importantly, the World Cup is less than 2 weeks away. Yes, it is the summer of 2010 and I am so ready for it. We have a lot of plans for this summer, parties, camping trips, vacation and, of course, a lot of cooking. However, most of that cooking will be light.

For the past several weeks I have been making a lot of salads with some of the seasonal (and some not so seasonal) vegetables and fruits available at the store. But some of my favorites are the fruit salads I’ve been putting together. For the one you see on the picture I used pineapple, mango, papaya (very tropical salad indeed), apples and strawberries. I made a dressing for it with apple cider vinegar mixed with agave syrup. It was delicious!

Are you ready for summer? What are you cooking/making this season?

¡Buen provecho!


  • What a gorgeous and summery salad Ben and to answer your question; I am VERY ready for summer…. It's not been much of a summer here until now. Far too cold for the time of year but we will be leaving for Italy in a few days so the weather should be warmer there for sure!

  • We tend to move to a lot more salads for lunch, grilled things & stir-fries with all the fresh veggies

  • This fruit salad in a pineapple is absolutely gorgeous…lovely presentation.

  • I am ready Ben!!!

  • I love a good fruit salad and I'm SO ready for summer! I love your presentation of these. Tres gourmet!

  • Beautiful fruit sald, full of vitamins.<3

  • I’m getting ready for winter! LOL! But I DO LOVE that salad…so colourful!

  • Gorgeous! Can't wait to have some Summer fruits!

  • No I'm not ready for summer! My summer is almost gone and it was so hot! But I still have mangoes. 😀
    Wouldn't mind your fruit offering though.

  • Whether im ready or not summer is defenitely here!! I LOVE that beautiful fresh fruit salad.

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