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Rotini with Roasted Poblanos and Tomatoes

Roasted poblano pasta

In the West, we live such busy lives that sometimes we forget the importance of eating. Yes, we regard eating (you know, that act that keeps us alive and kicking) as a waste of time or something that can be skipped or done at our desks, or in front of the computer and TV. Maybe I am just old school, but I grew up in a house and a culture where meals, and having them together as a family, were the most important parts of the day, all of them.

I confess that I am guilty of eating in front of my computer or TV a lot, but that is something I have been trying to change. But I am proud to say that I haven’t been skipping meals for several months now. Breakfast is always the most important of my meals followed by lunch. Dinners for me are always small and usually not as complicated as my other meals, not that I make very complicated meals, anyway. Making simple, yet nutritious and delicious meals has helped me improve my eating habits.

And this pasta dish is just an example. I mixed leftover whole-wheat rotini with turkey sausage, olive oil, garlic and roated poblano peppers and tomatoes and some crumbled queso fresco on top. It turned out to be a very simple and delicious lunch that didn’t take more than 15 minutes to prepare.  A light and healthy lunch to face the second half the workday is the best part of my day. A quick nap after your lunch would be perfect, unfortunately this is not a perfect world, hehe.

Roasted poblano pasta

¡Buen provecho!

I am sending this dish to Presto Pasta Nights #164. The host this time around is Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook. Please visit her blog tomorrow, Friday May 21st, for the roundup.

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  1. This sounds like a beautifully flavoured lunch dish! Yum!

  2. Oooh, I love the roasted poblanos combined with the pasta! Sounds like a great flavorful dish and a nice twist to pasta.

  3. A quick siesta is always good after eating. Like your dish, I hear poblanos are good without being overwhelming hot, is tthat right?

    • Yes Diana, that's right. They are packed with lots of flavor and just a hint of heat. That's why they are my favorite peppers.

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