Walmart vs Whole Foods?

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Browsing the web I found this very interesting article by Corby Kummer about Walmart. I do most of my grocery shopping at three places, the Mexican market closest to my house, Kroger and Walmart. I’ve found that produce and meat is fresher and cheaper at the Mexican market (besides I like the idea of asking a butcher to get your meat and not having to pick it up already cut and wrapped from a shelf) while other groceries (oil, grains, cereals, pasta, canned goods, etc) are cheaper at Walmart. For more specialized items I go to Kroger or the North Market in downtown Columbus and very rarely I visit Whole Foods.

Part of this is convinience. Kroger and the Mexican market are close to my house and there’s a Walmart right across the street from my gym. But mainly my shopping is categorized that way because of prices. I do, however, can’t stop feeling guilty every time I enter a Walmart. There are many reasons, but the main one is that big supermarkets like this had a hand in destroying local economies. But after reading Kummer’s article I kind of felt less guilty (?) about shopping at Walmart.

Besides, for my surprise, I’ve found a lot of articles that I never thought would be in their shelfs. For example, the chicken we are eating for dinner tonight is Harvestland chicken (I hate Tyson and all that chicken with added “broth”). They now carry Oikos Greek Yogurt, King Arthur Flour and a lot of produce from local farmers (as well as produce from all around the world).

Is Walmart trying to compete with Whole Foods for a share of the concious-eater market? Is this shift driven by economics only? Whatever the reason they have caugth the attention of many people. They are a HUGE company and whatever they do always have consecuences. Let’s just hope that this new policies are for the greater good.

What do you think?


  • I would shop at Walmart if they had better produce and organic produce available. I am on the southern border of Texas and from what I've seen at my local WalMarts the produce is terrible! I'm not sure why – and no organic items. We also don't have a Wholefoods, so I can't comment on that. We do have HEB which has grown tremendously for a shopper like me – which I shop at 10 out of 10 times for groceries over WalMart.

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