5 Healthy Midnight Treats

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Midnight snacks are all about damage control. Ideally one should aim at eating enough small meals during the day to avoid late night cravings. However, as we all know, it’s not a perfect world and sometimes cravings are going to hit us after the lights have gone out. So when the only light on in the house is coming from your refrigerator, here are some healthy choices to satisfy those midnight cravings. The rule of thumb here is to combine protein and carbs to keep you feeling satisfied.

1. Cereal Killer

A small ball of low-fat cereal or oatmeal with skim milk is an excellent way to take care of those late night cravings. It’s tasty, has vitamins and nutrients and will fill you up without excess fat and calories. It will also digest more slowly while you sleep, preventing a return visit to the fridge before the rooster crows.

2. Small Popcorn, Please

Another excellent way to fill you up without putting inches on your waistline is to have a cup of popcorn before bed. Of course you’ll have to spare the butter, salt and seasoning. As popcorn is a snack usually associated with fun and good times, munching a cup before turning in won’t feel like dieting.

3. Crackers And Peanut Butter

As with all of the items on this list, a little goes a long way. I point this out here because peanut butter (even the low fat variety) is not the best choice for snacking at any time of the day let alone before bed. But it is high in protein, which the body needs. The key here is to limit yourself to 3 or 4 crackers and don’t slather on the PB. Remember you’re just trying to ice your hunger until breakfast. No need to overdo it. Crunch away before you hit the hay.

4. Hello Jello-O!

Jello-O is a fat free snack that’s perfect for any time of the day (or night for that matter). With an array of flavours, there’s bound to be one you like. So go for it. Low in calories, zero fat, big on taste and fun. Prepare a bowl with sliced fruit and keep it in the fridge for a tasty late night treat.

5. Yogurt With Fruit

I’ve saved the best for last. Non-fat yogurt with fresh fruit is a definite craving crusher! Packed with healthy protein, carbohydrates and vitamin C (from the fruit), as well as active bacterial culture, this snack will fill you up while keeping the calories to a minimum. Like Jello-O, there are a rainbow of yogurt flavours and textures to satisfy any palate. Find yours and keep some on hand for those midnight moments.

There you have it. A varied menu of mostly healthy choices for when you’ve just got to have something before calling it a day, or when the munchies haul you out of bed. Just remember to keep those portions small and these snacks will do the trick.

Andrew Salmon is a freelance writer, who, in addition to writing about topics like healthy living and life insurance, is also a published author who has been featured on Amazon.


  • Great choices of snacks Ben. I would definitely opt for the last one as I just love yogurt with fruit and perfect for getting rid of leftover fruit you need to consume before it goes to waste!

  • I'm so lucky not to be a snacker, usually a small piece of dark chocolate is all I need to satisfy me in the evening.

  • I could pick those blueberries and satisfy myself!

  • Some really great choices Ben!

  • Great post. I’m not usually awake at midnight, but these are great ideas for day-time snacking too.
    Anything with peanut butter is fine with me. 🙂 Of course nothing beats yogurt with fruit for nutrition and taste.

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