Yule Cookies!

Christmas cookies

Time flies! Here I was thinking this week, when I finished my online shopping, that I was so ahead of schedule when I realized that I had just finished a couple of days before the deadline to receive my packages on time. Christmas is less than a week from today and everybody seem to be going crazy with the last minute shopping and preparations. I gotta love this time of year :)

Last night our friend John had his annual Christmas party, which was a lot of fun by the way, and I made cookies to give away. Although it seemed that I made a lot, I just made 4 different kinds: rompope cookies (because I just loved them), peanut butter snowballs, shortbread in the form of Christmas trees and Chocolate chips and pecan cookies.

Christmas cookies

There were so many other kinds that I wanted to make, but these had to do this time. Maybe I’ll make more this coming week. I got the recipes for these cookies from 2 of the blogs that I visit often. The Chocolate-Peanut Butter Snowballs recipe is from RecipeGirl.com. I have to admit that she has a point when she says that Christmas cookies should be festive 😉

The other two recipes are from Kevin’s blog, Closet Cooking. I decided to take those two recipes from his blog because this month he is being featured on the food event Tried and Tested and because he has such amazing cookie recipes. I tried to stay as true to the recipes as possible, I just made very small changes. For the shortbread cookies, I added green food coloring to make the little Yule trees and sprinkled them with powder sugar. And the Chocolate Chips and Pecan Cookies were originally Chocolate Chunks, but I ran out of chunks so I used chips. Both recipes were really good and my friends seemed to enjoy them too.

I am not sure if I’ll be posting anything else for the rest of the month, there are a couple of projects that I need to work on before the end of the year. But if I don’t see you around the blogosphere, I just want to wish you a wonderful Holiday season, whatever you celebrate this time of the year, or even if you don’t celebrate anything. In my case I celebrate family, friends, food and the opportunity that I had to enjoy them one more year.

Our best wishes from the What’s Cooking? household! Lucy and Felix wanted to give you those wishes personally.

Lucy Xmas

Felix Xmas

I am sending the picture of Felix to the event No Croutons Requiered. This time around any festive picture qualifes for the event, and my kitten looks so pretty here that I couldn’t resist.


  • He visto la FELICIDAD y me ha dicho que iba a tu casa. Le he pedido que llevase también a la SALUD y al AMOR. Tratalos bien, van de mi parte. Feliz Año 2010.


  • Happy New Year!

  • Happy Christmas to Lucy and Felix too!

  • Happy New Year Ben. I wish for you a magnificent 20-10 with all the success that you deserve. ♥

  • Hey Ben, wish you a fabulous 2010 , the cookies look scrumptious.

  • Agreed that the chocolate peanut butter snowballs are the best! They wouldn't last more than 15 minutes…seriously.

  • I wouldn't have minded being presented with these cookies of yours. Rather belated wishes for a great year ahead, Ben.

  • Wow these look awesome!! I've never tried anything like this. Love your blog!

  • Hi Ben,

    lovely Christmas goodies :-) Thanks for participating the cooking event with Kevin. I hope you re up for another challenge too. We have almost 10 more days to go … this month, we are cooking from Akal´s Saappadu, hope you like. More info here.

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