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Champurrado and caramel cookies

Lately I’ve been trying to make some of my foodie friends’ recipes. I follow (or at least I try to) more than 200 food blogs in English and Spanish and making every single delicious dish I come across out there in foodville would be impossible. But I like to bookmark and highlight my favorite recipes (see the Blogosphere Highlights section on the sidebar –>) and make the ones that I really, really want to try.

In this case, Jon wanted some caramel cookies and I immediately remembered that Kat had posted a recipe for Salted Chocolate Covered Caramel Cookies (wow that’s a mouthful) so I decided to make them. I am not that crazy about caramel, but these cookies are SO good that I had a couple (and then more) and Jon really loved them. But cookies by themselves are like Christmas without presents so I decided to make a drink I saw on [[Nutella]]’s blog, champurrado.

Champurrado is a Mexican chocolate drink that is thickened with corn flour, the same flour that is used to make corn tortillas. I remember having this drink when I was a kid, but I hadn’t tasted it again in years, maybe decades! And since we are having very low temperatures in this part of the planet, I decided that chocolate cookies and a chocolate drink would warm things up a little.

Champurrado and caramel cookies

Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Mexican
  • •1 Mexican chocolate bar (I always use Abuelita brand)
  • •1 liter water
  • •Sugar to taste
  • •4 TBSP corn flour (aka masa flour or corn tortilla flour)
  • •1 cinnamon stick
  • •Evaporated milk (optional)
  1. Bring water to boil and add cinnamon and chocolate bar. Stir constantly until chocolate dissolves.
  2. In a separate glass or bowl, dissolve corn flour in about ½ cup of water. Make sure it is a smooth mixture. Add to the chocolate.
  3. Add sugar to taste, bring back to a boil while stirring constantly until it thickens.
  4. You might add evaporated milk to give it a creamier texture. (I used about ¾ cup

¡Buen provecho!

I am sending this post to Susan’s event Eat Christmas Cookies. This drink is very popular in Mexico this time of the year, but the highlight of this post has to be Kat’s cookies. You can see the event’s roundup here.


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