Fall Sopes

Fall sopes

I have mentioned many times before that Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love everything about it, the weather, the colors, the celebrations (Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving) and, of course, the food. I have been looking for ways to prepare the pumpkins that we got two weeks ago in the pumpkin show. There are so many recipes popping up all over the blog-o-sphere that I really want to try, but for my blog I wanted to make something with a Mexican twist. That’s how these brunch fall sopes came to be.

Fall sopes

I am always making sopes at home. I served them for breakfasts, lunch and dinner. I have this dream where I open a restaurant that only serves sopes and quesadillas. Yes, I love those little guys that much. Last year I posted a guide on how to make sopes and tortillas and that’s the way I made these sopes. What changed this time was the topping.

I roasted and cut in small cubes a small pumpkin (here’s an excellent guide on how to roast pumpkin). In a cast-iron skillet I cooked 1/2 lb of Mexican chorizo and sauteed 1 small chopped onion and 2 garlic cloves in it. I then added about 2 cups of the pumpkin meat and seasoned and spiced it up with cumin, oregano, a pinch of ground cinnamon and red pepper flakes. The sopes shells were fried in a little bit of olive oil, then topped with refried beans, the pumpkin/chorizo topping and feta cheese.

It was a very easy, comforting and deliciuos meal that we had for brunch, but of course it could be eaten anytime of the day. At first I wasn’t sure about the flavor combination, but when I had the first bite I couldn’t stop eating. Pumpkin has never disappointed me and I will be making this again soon. I am wondering if this would work with butternut squash… what do you think?

Fall sopes

¡Buen provecho!

This post is my entry for Meeta‘s Monthly Mingle. This time the theme of the event is brunch. At my parents’ restaurant back in Mexico sopes were a very popular item for breakfast and lunch. Hence making sopes a perfect brunch, even though the term is not used down there.


  • oh ben i am so excited to have you over for the mingle. i love what you are bringing along. lovely fall flavors and if you ever opened that restaurant count me as a regular! hugs!

  • Very tasty recipe , Ben.Your photos are a tempt as alwaysA mi tambien me gusta el otoño y la primavera, son mis estaciones preferidas

  • These sound great & I think butternut squash would work great as well

  • Oooh! Everything is better with Feta! 😉

  • Pumpkin+ Mexican = amazing! You've done it again!!

  • Really nice, and completely seasonally appropriate! These sound incredibly simple to make, the sopes.

  • I am sure that restaurant of your would be immensely popular!! These look lovely! I find pumpkin such a versatile fruit (or is it a vegetable? I get confused when it comes to pumpkin!)

  • Never heard of Sopes before. Glad you did talk about it. Looks so yummy.

  • Looks and sounds really good! I actually prefer squash to pumpkin, they are often sweeter and creamier.

  • These sound delicious. I love the idea of chorizo and pumpkin together.

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