Spinach Fried Quesadillas

Cheese Spinach Quesadillas

When Jon and I lived in Mexico, we used to go to a market in Coyoacan where they made the best fried quesadillas ever. I blogged about this in a previous post where I included pictures of the process. I have been avoiding fried foods as much as I can, but every once in a while I still like to enjoy deliciuos treats like these.

I am always looking for ways to give old recipes a twist and this time I decided to add spinach to the corn dough for the quesadillas. This is something I’ve tried before and you can read about my spinach corn tortillas here and my beetroot chalupas here (which was also a clever way to make Jon eat spinach and beets, LOL) If you are looking for new ways to sneak feed vegetables to your family, adding them to the dough of tortillas or bread is a clever and fun way to do it.

In the U.S. most people have probably made or eaten quesadillas. However, in Mexico they are completely different. While in the U.S they are made mostly with flour tortillas and stuffed with cheese and meat and serve with lettuce and sour cream, in Mexico they are a lot simpler. Quesadilla is a word that comes from queso (cheese) and tortilla. Ironically enough, some types of quesadillas aren’t made with any cheese inside (especially in the center of the country, which has created an argument from some northern states that those aren’t true quesadillas).

But leaving all that behind I present this simple cheese quesadillas that are perfect as a game snack or a quick Sunday meal. For some variety you can stuff them with tinga de pollo, mushrooms, pumpkin blossoms and huitlacoche and don’t forget to accompany them with your favorite salsa! Even though they are fried, you won’t feel too guilty knowing that you are eating some healthy spinach, too. That is my logic, at least.

¡Buen provecho!


  • They look a bit frightening, but anything with cheese inside and then fried must taste great!

  • Cheesy quesadillas, yum.

  • I think it is a perfect logic Ben! Those look absolutely delicious. I know we had quesadillas when we were in Mexico, but it's so long ago I can't remember exactly what was in them! I guess it must be time to go back to Mexico…:)

  • I really have to work on making tortillas – yours always look so good!

  • I love the spinach twist you've provided on the original quesadilla! And I like your logic behind them too!

  • I love the use of spinach in the tortilla itself. I want to make some tortillas now!

  • I could not resist this treat. I don't like the white flour tortillas that we find in supermarkets. I would prefer yours.

  • Oh stuffing them with pumpkin sounds heavenly

  • I love the spinach and corn tortillas, Ben! This looks delicious!

  • that is one unique looking quesadillas.:-D

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