¡Viva México!


I usually don’t use this space to write about things that are not related to food or photography. But today I want to make an exception (I promise it won’t be long) as my country celebrates the 199th anniversary of its Independence from the Spanish crown. I am proud of my nationality, my cultural heritage and my country in general, even though I know things could be a lot better.

Yesterday, I posted a comment on facebook about this celebration and I received a couple of replies from friends that said that the state of affairs in Mexico made it very difficult to celebrate right now. I agree that things are bad. I love my country, therefore I know its not perfect and many things could (and should) be improved. I refuse to suffer from patriotic blindness. But Mexicans still have a lot to celebrate: our Independence, our culture and food and, over all, our mexicanidad (national identity). I believe that the day a nation stops celebrating these things, that’s the day that nation starts to die.

With this out in the open all I have left to say is: ¡Viva México! and I hope you enjoy the following videos.

This is the traditional Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) that initiated the War against the colonial government. Every year the President of the Republic leads the celebration from the National Palace in Mexico City in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

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Here’s a video about our food:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a promotional video from the Ministry of Tourism:

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And a promotional video for Mexico City (my vibrant city):

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And finally a couple of beautiful mariachi music videos. The best way to celebrate today:

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  • I'm dying to visit Mexico City – I still haven't been there. Enjoy your celebration, Ben!

  • Congrats I bet next year's will be crazier being the 200th anniversary!!!

  • I am still wanting to visit a small town ourtside of Mexico City for cooking classes. Mexico has a lot to celebrate uesterday and always.

  • ¡Viva México!. some day I will visit Mexico City.

  • You've a lot to celebrate for their wonderful culture and customs!!! Enjoy your day Ben 🙂



  • Very nice post Ben. I agree, the world is not a perfect place, but we can still be proud of where we come from, and try to make it a better place, while celebrating the good things!

  • Happy 199th anniversary Ben! No country in the world (especially not in these days) is a perfect place, so you're absolutely right to keep celebrating. What would be world become if we all just stopped celebrating the joys in life and only focusing on the bad stuff?

  • Happy 199! Even whe things are hard, celebrations are a reminder of the pride, joy, and love people find in a common purpose and identity. I read a couple of months ago an Octavio Paz piece on the Mexican Fiestas, the way they have been ritualized into the Mexican consciousness, and possible reasons for them. Highly recommended, although, I suspect you have alread run across it. Again, happy 199th anniversary!

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