French Toast and Blackberry Syrup

Crunchy French Toast

I was so disappointed yesterday when at the store I didn’t see as many berries as I’d been seeing in the past couple of months. I wanted to buy blackberries to go with the pictures on this post, but at almost 4 dollars half a pint I decided to just get strawberries and blueberries. I think they still look pretty in the plate above. What do you think?

Anyway, crunchy French toast is one of my favorite breakfast and one of the very first recipes I posted on this blog more than 2 years ago. Over time I have changed it a little bit and for this one I used corn flakes and toasted oatmeal for the crust. Instead of preparing the berries with sugar, orange juice and orange liquor, I made a blackberry syrup (recipe at that tasted delicious and looked amazing. The only thing that I missed was the mimosas, again.

Leela mentioned on my last post that I am having fun with photography, and she’s so right! I am obsessed right now with taking pictures of food that flies, drips, splashes and makes a mess, hehe. I just like to make things less boring, not that food photography is boring at all. Playing with colors and new compositions give pictures a new edge, I think, and it puts me in a very good mood. Anyway, this post is making me really hungry and I still have a couple of slices of toast left…

Crunchy French Toast

¡Buen provecho!


  • oh i have to do that blackberry syrup! the shot is exquisite ben!

  • I, too, am having fun with your pictures of food that flies, drips, splashes! I hope you’re entering them in photo contests all over the place. Also ‘food that flies, drips, splashes’ sounds like a good title for some future photographic endeavor — maybe you should purchase the domain.

    • LOL, now that’s an idea 😉

  • I’d need a third arm to get pictures like this!

    • LOL, actually, all you need is a tripod and how to use the timer setting on your camera, Kat, which is really simple. It might take you a couple of tries to get the right shot, but the results are always fun 😀

  • My favorite breakfast as well: French Toast :) Looks like an amazing combo of flavors. I can never seem to find blackberries at a reasonable price either.

  • WOW!!!!
    I don’t care to eat this kind of breakfast all day long…

  • Crunchy french bread! Now that is something I have never had before! I love that first photo where you’re pouring the stuff over the toast Ben and the berries still look good! We still have plenty of berries at the moment, but not sure how long it will last!

    • I saw you shot a similar picture on your blog, Simone. Yours look a lot better though! I am still learning how to incorporate more props in my settings. You don’t mind if I learn from your pictures, do you? :-p

  • Next time you make this, let me know in advance and I will bring the Mimosas!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s a deal! I love mimosas because they are the perfect excuse to drink alcohol in the morning, LOL

  • Yep, they do look good on the plate. More than good!

  • I love your photographs, and I’ll have crunchy french toast any time of day! This looks delicious.

  • You have a lovely website. This is my first time here and I know that it certainly is NOT going to be my last. Lovely pictures. Love the first picture, the French toast and the blueberry sauce looks yum!

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