Homemade June Roundup

I can’t believe how much time has passed since the last time I posted something on this blog. June was very busy for me. There were lots of parties, including my birthday, odd jobs that needed to be done in the house and our fabulous trip to Chicago. So much to do and so little time!

Anyway, it is again that time of the month to take a look at what the Homemade event participants came up with. This time we celebrated the arrival of summer with ice cream and frozen treats. These are the delicious entries recieved:

Wow, all these entries sound amazing! So many flavors from so many different parts of the world that we could have an international ice cream showdown. I feel like eating some ice cream right about now. This event was so successful that I am extending the Ice Cream theme for July. Yes, Homemade July will be all about Ice Cream and frozen treats. To me there’s no better way to celebrate summer. If you missed last month’s event, come over to the forum and join the fun in our second Ice Cream Homemade event.

  • If you are a blogger: Make any delicious frozen treat at home, take pictures of it and blog about it. Include a link to this topic of the forum on your post. Leave the permalink to that post on that same topic and I’ll include it in the roundup in July. Feel free to use the banner of the event.
  • If you are not a blogger: Follow the steps above, but leave your pictures and recipes in said topic.
  • The deadline is July 31st.


  • Wonderful roundup ben!

  • Fabulous roundup! Looking forward to seeing more frozen treats this month!

  • Hmmmm & MMMMMmmmmmmm.. now you take care & take it easy!

  • Well, if I forget this time then I think I’m becoming senile! It looks like a wonderful round-up!

  • Hi Ben

    Didn’t know why I didn’t discovered this blog earlier…. I must say this is very professional
    thank YOU for taking time to write the round-up…

  • I so forgot to submit mine! Well there’s always this month

  • I missed this one too, but I’m happy to see I’m getting a second chance. :)

  • Fantastic round up Ben as well all these refreshing treats :)



  • Shameless Plug: I totally love my homemade oreo ice cream. I make it whenever I can. :)

  • I should really try and make more ice-cream and what a better way to start than to take these recipes from the top and work my way down. Great round-up!!!

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