19 Jun

A Salad for Breakfast

Breakfast salad

I have mentioned before that breakfast is for me the most important, and often the biggest, meal of the day. I usually get up at 5:30 am to go to the gym and by the time I get back I am ready to eat a horse. But sometimes, on my days off from my workout routine, I just want to have a light, healthy, sweet breakfast. That’s when I return to the basics. Back home in Mexico, the days always started with a big bowl of fruit salad, homemade yogurt and café con leche. After that we would have eggs, sopes, quesadillas, gorditas de piloncillo or any other of my mom’s delicious culinary creations. Yes, our breakfast were always BIG.

This is a typical fruit salad for me. I always try to add fruit that is in season and local, although I can’t live wihout the tropical fruit I grew up with. In this shot I am missing papaya (I haven’t gone to the Mexican market in a couple of weeks, and the papayas at Kroger’s are too expensive and too small) and bananas (they weren’t ripe yet). The perfect addition to the plate, I think, was the berries, in terms of taste and composition. Aren’t those strawberries beautiful? I just wish the season lasted longer. There’s nothing better than fresh, local strawberries (only mangoes right off the tree are better), right?

This fruit salad is also going to the Food Photographers Club second assignment. You might think I am going crazy with these salads, but I really want to improve my food styling skills and the way I look at food through the lens of my camera. These assignments are a great way to do it. So join in and give us your opinion, suggestions and ideas about our shots. Hope to see you there!

Breakfast salad

¡Buen provecho!

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  1. Who wouldn’t love breakfasts like this, Ben? The picture is lovely. I keep wanting to join in the forums but have been a bit busy. Maybe this month or the next, perhaps. 🙂

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