Asparagus for Breakfast

Asparagus breakfast

I have learned so many things in the food blogging world. Every time I go around visiting my friends blogs I learn something new. For example, this spring I’ve seen a lot of people prepare asparagus with fried eggs for breakfast. For me not only the dish is new, but the whole concept of excitement about spring, farmer’s markets and seasonal produce.

I grew up in Mexico City where the change of seasons is not as obvious as up here. All year long we can get fresh produce in the street markets at very cheap prices. Of course, there are seasons for different products. For example, during the summer, tons (literally) of different kinds of mangoes make their way to our markets and during the winter you can see guavas and citruses everywhere you turn. You don’t always find the same produce at the market, but you can always find a market with delicious colors, smells and flavors no matter what time of the year it is.

So when markets start here in Ohio, I can see why people who appreciate food get excited. But I must admit that I have been disappointed by them. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and love the idea of supporting local farmers. But I guess I grew up used to going shopping for produce in the largest market in the world with my dad.

But there’s not time for being sentimental and homesick, there’s only time to enjoy food. And that’s why I tried this roasted asparagus with bacon and fried egg breakfast for the very first time and I loved it. I love eggs, bacon and asparagus so putting them all together was perfect. Though I have to admit that trying to photograph it wasn’t an easy task, but after several shots and some editing in photoshop I got this pictures. I hope you like them.

Asparagus breakfast

¡Buen provecho!


  • Great photos, and great combination! That is some beautiful asparagus.

  • Wow, what amazing pictures with vibrant colors! I’d have no problems eaten that for breakfast, yummy!



  • I love having veggies for breakfast. Beautiful photos!

  • Looks gorgeous!

  • I really love asparagus and could eat it almost anytime of the day. Breakfast and this one on particular sounds good to me! Ben thanks for your words of support! Huge hug for that!

  • That looks lovely, Ben. I’ve made something similar with proscuitto wrapped around the asparagus.

  • Love it! That’s much easier than cracking the top of the egg and dipping it like I’m used to doing. Great picture…and if you can imagine…the farmer’s markets in Omaha aren’t near as cool as Mexico City’s either (been there, awesome).

  • I love that second shot. I wanted to lick my computer screen, but I don’t imagine it would taste as good as this breakfast looks.

  • I love a good fry up for brekky! Oh! you gotta be quick when photographing those eggs Ben!

  • What a good boy…eating veggies at breakfast. It looks beautiful and I’m sure it’s healthier than chiliquiles (which is probably my favorite breakfast :)

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