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I can’t believe how tired I feel today after the fun and busy weekend we just had. Cooking for thirty people and partying afterwards is no laughing matter anymore for me. I am not 23 anymore and I am starting to feel it, LOL. Anyway, today is a busy day in What’s Cooking because I have a lot of things to post about.

First we have a winner for the SCANPAN 10″ eco-friendly fry-pan. We had seven participants and random.org picked number 5. Congratulations Anniepooh! A brand new pan will be on its way to your house soon! A true foodie like yourself deserves the best and not that pan you are still using, hehe. You will be able to throw it away soon :)


Second, Homemade #4 – Tortillas was a big success. We didn’t have a ton of entries, but the ones we did have were so amazing that I feel so proud of each and every single participant. Great job everybody! Now you can proudly say that you are a true tortilla maker :) Here are the entries:

icedteaforme made corn tortillas for cinco de mayo:

Kelly coincidentaly just made tortillas for the first time after her trip to Mexico. She used them for tacos. They look so good, don’t they?:

Cory has been making his own flour tortillas for a long time and he shared his recipe with us:

Imagelicious made an amazing batch of flour tortillas. She found the secret to make them in the third try. That’s persitance! This beautiful picture speaks for itself:

Ivy wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make tortillas using her non-stick skillet, but she did an amazing job making her own whole-wheat sun dried tomato tortillas for the very first time. She used them for fajitas:

YasmeenHealthNut didn’t like corn tortillas until she made her own at home. She shared her method with us and her delicious recipe for Bean Enchiladas with Roasted Poblano Sauce:

Joan Nova and her Family Food Fight Team took the challenge very seriously. They collectively made the tortillas and individually made the toppings. This is what I call team work and they did a great job:

My beautiful friend Deeba made Tortillas in a hurry before leaving for a little beautiful hamlet in the Himalayas. She made Beanie Quesadillas with them:

And Ben, your host, made spinach tortillas and beet chalupas, look at those beautiful colors:

Thank you everyone for participating. This has been my favorite Homemade challenge so far. I will be posting this month’s challenge sometime this week. I need to make it and get some pictures of it. So stay tuned!

And speaking of tortillas, for my Foodbuzz taco party on Saturday I didn’t make my own tortillas. Originally I was thinking about it, but when I saw that the list of guests kept growing I decided to buy them from a tortilleria close to my house. In Mexico most people don’t make their own tortillas anymore. They buy them fresh from tortillerias, shops with big machines that have one single purpose: making toritllas. I bought too many of them and now I have 9 dozens in my fridge and freezer. At least I won’t have to worry about making tortillas for a while.

Tortilleria by Rene Venturoso

Tortilleria by Rene Venturoso

Two of the tacos I made for my event on Saturday were cochinita pibil (a traditional dish from the Yucatan peninsula) and al pastor tacos. I was going to write about these tacos, but I will let youtube do that for me today (I am still tired and can’t think straight, LOL)

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s a very talented, but shy, taquero (taco chef):

YouTube Preview Image

I didn’t get any pictures of my al pastor tacos served with my pineapple pico de gallo salsa, but I leave you with the picture of cochinita pibil. You can get the recipe for these delicious tacos here.

¡Buen provecho!

I am sending this post to June’s Go Ahead Honey is Gluten-Free hosted by Carol, because corn tortillas are gluten-free and can be more manly (this month’s theme) than pork spicy tacos, right?


  • Ben, this round-up does make me hungry! A wonderful gift from the Mexicans…for fast food and for something little more fancy.

  • This is a post right after my husband’s heart…he loves all things mexican. I have to pick & choose because of my food allergies. Honestly, though, I so enjoy that he loves it so much. :) Thanks for the post and for the Manly Meal!

  • Wow those look awesome! I dont know why I haven’t tried to make my own tortillas yet…I love all the varieties you made!

  • […] great post from Ben over at What’s Cooking has all sorts of tortillas and some amazing looking cochinita pibil. Sure he included some wheat tortillas in his post but we are going to totally overlook that […]

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