Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed peppers

I love stuffed vegetables. In the past two years that I have been writing on this blog I have stuffed mushrooms, onions (twice), zucchini (also twice), cabbage, poblano peppers and eggplant. Plus the ones that I didn’t post or already forgot about. However, I had never stuffed bell peppers before. I had seen them all over the foodie blog-o-sphere and always made a mental note to make one, but it was until a couple of weeks ago when I finally came around to making them.

What is it about stuffed vegetables that is so enticing? What’s your favorite one and what do you stuff it with? I asked these questions on twitter (by the way if you can follow me there) and I got some very interesting answers. I especially liked what ChefKhaty had to say:

“I think it’s the anticipation, cause no matter how good the “shell” is, the inside is always better!!  Kinda like a jelly donut!”

I do agree with that. A good example are these stuffed peppers. I prepared a ground turkey with corn kernels and bread stuffing that was delicious. I am not including a recipe because 1) I didn’t write it down and already forgot it and 2) prepareing a stuffed vegetable dish should always be an imagination exercise (tell me if I am wrong). If you have a recipe for a delicious stuffed vegetable you want to share or just want to talk about your favorite stuffed veggie come over to the forum and tell us about it. We’ll be happy to hear/read your thoughts :)

¡Buen provecho!


  • Hello Ben,
    I first had stuffed peppers a long time ago…but last year when we visited our friends in Spain, they served us a beautiful dish of them, I’d forgotten how gorgeous they were. Your dish looks beautiful & I agree…you do your own thing! I’m going to :0)

  • Oh I love stuffed bell peppers! I made stuffed zucchini just last night and cannot get enough of them. I’ll be sure to post the recipe soon. Thanks as always for all the great tips Ben!

  • Ben: aqui puro gringacho veo :s bueno son tus clientes y ni modo pero ojala se pongan a cocinar comida mexicana, ya ves que ellos puras pizzas y hotdogs :/ no vaya alguno a entender mi español….jajjaja cuidate y se ven muy buenos los pimientos rellenos, aunque yo los prefiero en chile poblano rellenos de carne molida…..saludos

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