Fruit Crepes

Fruit Crepes

Like I’ve said many times before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. Some of my friends look at me funny when the first words that come out of my mouth after good morning are I am hungry. I guess I am this way because back at my parents’ home we ate breakfast religiously. Even when I had to be at school at 7 am, my mom would get up at 5 to make me a hearty breakfast, not to mention the banquets we ate on the weekends for breakfasts.

No matter what else we ate,  there was always fresh fruit for breakfast. Papaya, melon and bananas were the base for our fruit salads and they were topped with other seasonal fruits, homemade yogurt, nuts and honey. That is one nutritious way to start your day, isn’t it?

I had a couple of whole-wheat crepes left over from this dinner the other morning and I decided to eat them for breakfast filled with fruit. I topped them with blueberry syrup and walnuts and served them with cottage cheese. There were fruit, proteins and carbs on that plate so I can call it a complete, and delicious, breakfast.

For this pictre I tried many different angles and lighting settings, but I am really not satisfied with the result. I have posted it on the Food Photography Critics Club on the forum. I’d appreciate if you guys give me your honest opinion over there. Also, remember that you can post your pictures there and get tips on how to improve your food photography skills there.

¡Buen provecho!


  • I love crepes! There was a crepe restaurant near me that sold almost every possible flavor combination, but sadly it’s not there any more. I definitely want to try your version.

  • We are definitely “breakfast” people too. In fact, my daughter’s first words on most mornings are “I am hungry, what’s for breakfast?”!! 😀
    Especially fruit presented this way.

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