Photography — By Ben on 23 April 2009
Downtown Columbus in Spring

First I want to make a couple of announcements. I have been away from the blogosphere because my hard drive decided to quit working after just 4 months of service and I have been recovering my system ever since. Please forgive my silence.

Also, this blog will change formats slightly. The content will be mainly food, like it has been for the past 2 years, but I will also write about my adventures in fitness and photography. Fitness relates closely to food and health. And food photography has inspired me to venture in the amazing world of digital photography. So I think this blog is a good place to share these two other passions of mine. Hopefully my readers will enjoy these new sections. But if you are here only for the food, you can subscribe to just that category by clicking here.

Downtown Columbus

I have been living in Columbus, Ohio for almost three years, but I have never really enjoyed what this city has to offer. One of my resolutions for this year was to get to know the city where I live and work better. That’s why a couple of Saturdays ago I took my camera and walked around downtown taking some pictures of this fair city. There is a lot construction going on downtown right now. But that is just another opportunity to shoot some pictures. The picture above shows some of the buildings and the Town st bridge that is being torn down to build a more secure and bigger one.

Downtown Columbus Town st Bridge

Here’s another view of the same bridge.

Main St Bridge

Just south of that bridge there is another bridge under construction. Construction for the Main street bridge started last year and it’s schedule to open next summer. It’s going to be pretty.

Downtown Columbus

Here’s another view of downtown. This is from the other side of the river. The long structure on the foreground is COSI, a museum for kids that I haven’t visited, yet.

Downtown Columbus fire station

Downtown Columbus fire station

Downtown Columbus fire station

This is one of my favorite buildings in the whole city. This used to be a train station right in Franklinton, a historic neighborhood in the city, and now serves as a fire station. Isn’t it cool?

Spring in Columbus

Spring in Columbus

Spring in Columbus

And finally here are some shots of how spring looks in downtown Columbus. I hope you enjoyed this short photo journal through my home city. I will be posting more pictures on my flickr photostream. To see the properties of any of the pictures click on them. That will take you to flickr where you can click on properties where you can see all the technical information of the shots.
© B.H. Beristain Photography

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  1. Your photos are lovely Ben and I’d like to see and learn from your pictures.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when equipment lets you down! I’m looking forward to your new posts Ben. I love travel as well and fitness, well… I am trying to love that too, so I’m sure it’ll be interesting! I’ve never been to Colombia but it looks like a beautiful city (at least the photos are!)

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