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Stuffed onions

[donotprint]Loving food and everything that involves it is great, but sharing it other people who also love food is even greater. I think I learned this lesson from my mom. She was always cooking, but when she did it to entertain she seemed to be surrounded by a bright aura of happiness. Many people pointed that out and her response was that it was the love for for food and entertaining. I don’t know if I have that same aura, but I do know that when I cook for friends and family I am the happiest cook in the whole world.

This past weekend I prepared a belated birthday dinner for my friend John and invited a bunch of friends to celebrate. The menu was a combination of Mexican and Italian flavors that was a big hit (unless they all lied to me in fear I’d stabbed them with the chef’s knife I was waving when I asked their opinion). It took me almost 2 days to prepare the banquet, almost everything was made from scratch, and I ended up tired but very satisfied and happy for having something to share with my friends.

Dinner April 4th, 2009

The menu was:

  • 1st course – Stuffed onions with homemade adobado queso fresco (recipe below)
  • 2nd course – Poblano risotto with garlic scallops (I will be making this again this week because I miscalculated and didn’t have enough for pics. Recipe will be coming soon).
  • 3rd course – Sauteed green and red bell peppers, onions and asparagus with avocado and lime (no recipe required, right?).
  • 4th course – Chicken pastel azteca (Aztec Cake, recipe coming soon)
  • 5th course – Salsa verde lasagna.
  • Avocado rolls on the side (recipe coming soon).
  • Dessert – Chocolate and strawberry tres leches cake.

Drinks and wine were provided by my friends. Usually the deal is that I provide the food and they provide the drinks. That is more than fair, isn’t it? I was so happy with how this dinner turned out that I am seriously thinking about starting my own catering business. I haven’t been involve in the food industry for a long time but I am convinced now that this is my call. After all, food and entertaining is what I love.[/donotprint]

Adobado Queso Fresco
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: Mexican
  • •1 gallon whole milk
  • •1/4 cup vinegar
  • •2 chipotle adobado peppers, finely chopped
  1. Heat milk to 180° F (82° C) stirring constantly. Be careful not to burn the milk.
  2. While mixing with a whisk, slowly add the white vinegar. You will notice the milk begins to curdle.
  3. Keep stirring for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Line a colander with a fine cheesecloth.
  5. Pour the curdled milk through the colander.
  6. Allow the curds to cool for about 20 minutes.
  7. Add the chipotle adobado peppers to the curls and mix well with your hand, at this point they should be cool enough to handle.
  8. Tie the four corners of the cheese cloth together and hang it to drain for about 5 - 7 hours (until it stops dripping).
  9. The cheese can be used to stuffed onions like the ones from this post. In this case I carved them, stuffed them with cheese, drizzled some olive oil on top and baked them for 25 minutes at 350° F (175° C).

¡Buen provecho!


  • Great sounding dinner party!
    Guests bringing drinks is generally a nice idea especially when a lot of effort goes into the food.

    Lately, my friends and I have been bringing different parts of the meal to make it a little less work for the hosts.

  • By the looks of the smiles on their faces, I think you can safely assume that they liked the meal. John is very fortunate to have a friend like you.

  • Wow, stuffed onions sounds goooood 🙂

    Have a nice day and don’t forget to send entry to Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit Giveaway on my site! 🙂


  • That cheese sounds amazing!!! I love fresh homemade cheese…will have to try this recipe for sure.

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