Homemade 2 – Bread

After a not very successful first event, I am here announcing the second installment of Homemade. This time the challenge is to make another staple in most kitchens: bread. For the longest time I was afraid of working with yeast and making my own bread. But after realizing that store bought bread has tons of ingredients I don’t want in my diet I had to venture in the land of bread making.

I haven’t bought a loaf of bread for months and I am so happy about it. The possibilities of making your own bread at home are endless. That’s why Homemade is all about bread making this month. If you want to share your breads with us, you only need to leave a link  here to a post on your blog with your bread adventures before March 27th. Please mention this event with a link back to the forum. You can use the logo on your posts.

You might enter as many posts as you want with any kind of bread recipe (non-yeast breads included). I will post a roundup on March 30th with all your delicious breads. If you are not a blogger, just reply to that same thread including your recipes and pictures (if possible) and I will include them in the roundup.

Please note that due to spam attacks you need to be registered in the forum to leave a reply. It only takes you a couple of minutes and that protects the community from malicious spammers. Thanks for understanding  😉

If you have questions or want to share your knowledge with the rest of us, feel free to join the conversation. We can all learn from our shared knowledge.

And here’s some bread inspiration:

Pumpkin dough

Potato bread


Choriqueso bread

¡Buen provecho!


  • I had signed up long ago, i will see if i still remember my password.
    I too make home made bread every three days . I have not bought bread for years ( unless if it is emegency or I am very lazy to make them)
    I make the same spelt bread and have posted it.
    When i make this month some sweet bread i will sure think about the event.

  • Que rico! ya se me antojó hacer pan! jajaja! :)


  • Ben, all the bread looks wonderful, comforting. It’s kitchen therapy, isnt it?

  • All your breads looks so good.

  • Oh you’ve made many a yummy bread. The choriqueso is amazing.

  • I MUST try your bolillos. As much as I spend to buy them, I’m sure the time it takes to make them would be worth the time and trouble. At least you would know that they were fresh and delicious (and not store bought!) You are so talented my friend.

  • I’ve only made a bread once and it was soooo much more tasty then store bought, but for some reason or other I haven’t made any bread since. Maybe now is a good time as ever to start making it again. I somehow feel a little daunted still… It seems more difficult then it really is (I hope..)

  • All the breads look amazing!

  • wow your site is so organized and so easy to look at….I like easy on the eyes…

  • I have been making my own bread for a while and nothing tastes quite like home-mde bread. I have been baking some and let me see if I can’t join in here with something.:)

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