Homemade Queso Fresco


Update: I am sending this picture to Click, a monthly event dedicated to food photography. Check it out here.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make my own cheese, but for several reasons I had never done it. All that changed last week when I made my first batch of queso fresco. My friend Darrin made it a couple of months ago and told me that it was a very easy cheese to make. He gave me the link to the recipe and realizing that all I needed was milk and vinegar I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer to start making my own cheese.

It was one of the easiest recipes I have followed. The whole process took about 25 minutes (not including the time that it took the cheese to dry and harden). From now on I will make my own queso fresco and save a lot of money in the process. A gallon of milk costs around $2.50 and makes 24 oz of cheese while 10 oz of queso fresco at the store cost around $4.

There are many reasons to make your own cheese, maybe you want to save money, have more control of the ingredients that go into your food or just for the satisfaction of saying you did it. Whatever the reason is I think it is a good idea to share challenges like this with other foodies. That’s why I decided to create a food event where people would be challenged to make their own homemade products. In times like these when people are looking for ways to save, homemade products are a great idea. Unfortunately, many times we don’t know where to start or we don’t have the peer support to do it. That’s why I think this event will be very helpful for everybody who wants to venture into the Made at Home territory.

The food event is called Homemade and every month I will challenge myself to make an staple food at home. I hope you join me in this adventure. Here are the guidelines for this event:

  • This food event will take place in my almost forgotten forum.
  • Every month a challenge (either a theme or recipe) will be selected and participants will cook/bake/make that particular item. This month’s challenge is cheese, any kind. It just has to be homemade by you.
  • Post completed challenges on your blog. Please include pictures (if possible) and a link to the forum (http://whatscookingmexico.com/forum). You can use the event badge on your posts.
  • When your challenge has been posted on your blog, leave the link to it on this discussion in the forum so I can include it in the roundup at the end of the month. The deadline to receive entries is Friday, February 27th and the roundup will be posted March 2nd.

The forum will be open to ask questions, share ideas and recipes about the current challenge. Feel free to participate. We all can benefit from our collective knowledge about homemade cheese. I believe that in harsh times like these the best of people and communities comes out. Let’s show to the world that the foodie community is healthy and strong.

Β‘Buen provecho!



  • que delicia! no sabes como muero por unos chiles rellenos de queso fresco. En mi ultima visita a Mx me traje en la maleta varios chiles secos, pero anoraba el queso fresco para rellenarlos. Ya me has dado una gran idea. Ya se cual va a ser mi proxima receta en mi blog!

    Gracias y recbe un beso enooorme!

    Heidi πŸ™‚

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  • Looks good Ben. I’d love to try this just for the satisfaction of saying I make my own cheese!

  • Hi Ben,

    Better late than never, right? I decided to join your challenge a couple of months late.

    If you’re curious about it, I posted it on my blog today! The Queso Fresco turned out great and now I might try a couple of the harder ones. πŸ™‚


  • The link to the recipe doesn't work. Wah!

  • recipe link is dead, please help

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