Patacones (Tostones) Supremos


I can’t express with words how much I enjoy reading other food blogs everyday. I love to learn new things and visiting my friends’ blogs is definitely one great way to learn about different foods and cultures. A few weeks ago my friend Capricornio of Cocina costaricense (Costa Rican cuisine) blogged about a dish I’ve been dying to try for awhile, patacones.

Patacones are also known as tostones in the Caribbean. I have seen some recipes on the blogosphere to prepare them, but what caught my attention from Capricornio’s recipe was the “supreme” element of these patacones. He writes that patacones are typical in the region. The way to prepare them is simple. First you peel and cut diagonal slices of about 1 1/2″ of green plantains. The slices are fried in vegetable oil and when they are tender they are flattened and fried one more time until crispy. The supreme part comes when you top each patacon with refried beans, chicken, mushrooms and cheese. They are then baked for a little while to melt the cheese on top.

I didn’t follow his recipe exactly. I sauteed the plantain slices until tender, flattened them, sprinkled some garlic salt and topped them with refried beans, turkey sausage and mozzarella cheese and baked them for about 15 minutes at 350°F. I served them with guacamole for lunch yesterday, but they are perfect as party snacks, side dishes or even breakfast. They kinda look like sopes, but made with plantains instead of corn masa. This is definitely something I will experiment with again. Any ideas for toppings?


¡Buen provecho!


  • Wow, I never thought to dress them up! Great idea.
    I have a tostonera that I found in an Asian market and have made tostones twice now – I just love them.

  • I’ve never heard of these. they look great 🙂

  • These look SO good. I’ve had a Salvadoran version of this and loved it. I might use a mixture of beans and chiles with some queso fresco? Some zucchini, roasted tomatoes and feta or goat cheese? (To be extremely untraditional)

  • Ben, this is so totally foreign to me that I just have to try it.

  • These look beautiful! I love the idea of the plantains Ben. How about some mozzarella, diced tomatoes and basil?

  • Se antojan!! 🙂

  • OOOH, yes! And thanks for reminding us how much we love sopes too.

  • Flattened plantains fried and topped . . . you win my heart Ben! I know I would love these.
    I’m having a weird topping thought: barley (I think I have it on the brain too), black beans, tomatoes and some varied peppers!
    I’d love to try one of yours.

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