Crepas Enfrijoladas


Today has been an amazing day for this country. It somehow feels like a gust of fresh air in this very uncertain time in history. I am aware one single man cannot change the world or magically make everything better, but at least there is hope and many times hope is the only currency that can keep us going.

But now turning to what this blog is about, food, I present to you these crepas enfrijoladas (crepes with bean sauce) that were inspired by my friend Adriana of Madeline Cocina. She made egg tacos with a bean salsa, something that my mom makes and calls enfrijoladas, which literally means “in bean sauce”.

However, I made crepes stuffed with scrambled eggs instead of tacos and used a variation of this bean sauce. The crepe recipe can be found here. For the sauce I blended 1 cup of cooked pinto beans, 1 cup of diced tomatoes, 1/2 onion and 2 garlic cloves. I then seasoned and cooked the sauce over medium heat for 15 minutes and served it over the crepes with cream and queso fresco.

It was a very easy and delicious breakfast I had this morning before sitting down in front of the TV to witness history. What did you have for breakfast today?


  • This sounds way better than what we had. It was a granola bar topped with peanut butter, cranberries and raisins and two glasses of wine. A toast to the new Prez!

  • Que honor!! 🙂 pero yo no hice las de mi blog… las comí en un restaurante eh! jajaja!

    Soy fan de las crepas, y así han de estar deliciosas!!!!


  • Oh, how tasty! At first I thought these were taquitos and was pleasantly surprised to see they were savory crepas!

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