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After a well-deserved two-week “break from everything” I am finally back. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to start a new and exciting year. What are your resolutions for 2009? I usually don’t make any resolutions for the New Year because they are many times unrealistic and therefore almost impossible to keep. I usually decide to change when I need to and plan ahead as I go along. After all, every day is a new opportunity to start over, right?

One thing I want to accomplish this year, though, is to organize my time better so I can do more in a day. I know the day only has 24 hours, but todo cabe en un jarrito sabiendolo acomodar (anything fits in a  little mug if you know how to arrange it) according to a wise Mexican saying. So I hope you all see more of me around on the blog-o-sphere.

I also have some plans for this blog and my “cooking life” that I want to complete this year, but that’s something that will happen in due course (if it ever happens). In the meantime, I will keep doing what I love and learning how to do it better. That by itself is a very good resolution, don’t you think?

Happy cooking everybody and as always ¡buen provecho!

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grew up around food. His family owned a restaurant in Mexico City and he spent a big deal of his childhood helping and learning after school the art of creating delicious dishes from simple ingredients. He created this blog to share his kitchen adventures with the world.

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  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Well said Ben! Happy New Year!

  3. Welcome back and I’m liking the renewed energy to do new things. Happy New Year!

  4. Todo cabe en un jarrito sabiendolo acomodar is a good resolution to have. Instead of needing more hours in a day we need to use our time effectively. Good for you Ben!!!

  5. Happy New Year to you Ben!

  6. Ben, pues ojalá y si te rinda más el día!!!! :)

    Y sigue adelante con tu blog y tus planes alrededor de él!!!

    Un muy buen año 2009!!! :)

  7. Happy New Year Ben. It’s great to have you back again. I’m jealous. Two weeks break!!

  8. You are right!!!!!. Happy new year, and what did you get from Los Reyes Magos?????

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