Eggplant Rolls

Another ingredient that I wasn’t familiar with until I started this food blog was eggplant. I know there are eggplants in Mexico because I remember seeing them at the markets, but I don’t remember ever having any dish made with them. The very first time I ate eggplant was almost 11 months ago when I made this lentil soup with fried eggplant. But after that I haven’t ventured into cooking anything else with them, until today.

I found a fat eggplant at the store yesterday and decided I wanted to try something new. So today I cut it in very thin slices, grill them and roll them with a slice of queso fresco and turkey bacon. I put them back on the grill and let the bacon cook. I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil, queso fresco crumbles, fresh chopped parsley and a dash of black pepper.

I was going to eat these for lunch, but I realized they would be better as a side dish or party snack. So if you are planning a Xmas or New Year’s party, these would make great snacks. They are going into the menu of the party I am planning. There is not a recipe for these because they are very simple to prepare, just grill the slices:

After stuffing them with the queso fresco and rolling wrapping them with bacon (I cut the bacon strips in half) grill them again until the bacon is cooked:

Serve with drizzled olive oil, queso fresco crumbles, black pepper and fresh parsley and enjoy:

¬°Buen provecho!

I am sending this recipe to Lore’s event, Original recipes (Winter holiday version).


  • These look absolutely amazing. I love grilled eggplant and bacon…and cheese. Hehe. This sounds like a good “balance” — y’know, for the guilt of eating bacon, let there be eggplant! :) Thanks for another fantastic original!

  • This is a wonderful and original idea Ben…so fresh and inviting!

  • Looks great, Ben. I love eggplant cooked in any fashion. Good idea to bring them to a party…they’re all festively dressed up and ready to go.

  • Sounds amazing! It looks incredibly good and the perfect party food.

  • Oh my goodness do these look amazing. I would have liked just the eggplant and the queso but adding the bacon really took me over the top. I have to make these!

  • Those look great! Simple party food at it’s best. I love eggplant, it is one of my favourites – like mushrooms, it lends itself really well to flavour development.

  • HA how did you know I found the love of my life down in South America! Ha I wish… well maybe. I hear Brazil and Argentina have some really good looking girls, actually :)

    Anyways, yup I missed quite a few bloggers, including my baking brother in crime. Whenever I feel like I’ve run out of dinner ideas, you’ve got something going on dude.

    Eggplant rolls AND a round butt? You won’t even need mistletoe lady killer.

  • I really like this idea and that you did it on an indoor grill is even more appealing. I’ve never made eggplant with bacon before – great ingenuity.

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  • I can totally see this at a party. Great creation.

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